Saturday, December 09, 2006

Second Tour Photos

Here are photographs taken at the three sites we visited on December 9.

If you click your mouse over any portion of the photos, they "magically" get bigger.

Our first stop was Newport Bluffs Apartment Community. These photos depict buildings that look similar, in my opinion, to the artist's conceptual drawing for the current Ponte Vista plan.

This photo shows a typical apartment building and the landscaping around it.

This first panorama shot shows the main pool area. Beyond the trees on the other side of the pool is a large lawn area.

This is a photo of an apartment building behind landscaping. Notice all the non-fruit bearing olive trees.

This is the lawn area beyond the pool from the panorama photo. The buildings are well hidden behind the trees and other plants.

This is a repetitive shot of a building viewed above. Again there are olive trees and you can count the number of cars along the street.

This first image of the Stonehaven Townhome complex depicts the multi-levels of the homes and the "Craftsmanesque" style of the building.

This is a closer view of a building. There are tiny courtyards near the front doors of these homes.

This view shows the rows of buildings at Stonehaven. If you look closely you will see garage doors at street level.
These remaining photos are scanned from the booklet provided our tour by Mr. Bisno and his staff. This is an internal street view of the townhomes portion of the project.

This illustrates what the residents of the townhomes see as they drive toward the main gates at Bay Harbor. This photo shows the rear parking entrance to one of the condominium buildings.

This is a view of the main gate to Bay Harbor.


Anonymous said...

Bisno's "vision," when not obscured by the visor in his Rolls Royce, is to maximize his profit at all costs. As you indicated, if he gambled and overpaid for the property, that's HIS problem, NOT OURS!

tom said...

I am so tired of the "green-eyed disease" as the Chinese call it. If Bisno drives a Rolls, then more power to him. I wish I were so lucky. Enough with the envious barbs. Let's try to focus on the issues.

M Richards said...

Tom, I agree with you. At issue is what our community is going to look like seven years from now.

At issue is whether the current members of this community allow someone who doesn't live here and developes mostly commercial properties, build a larger number of homes than any other project so far placed in or around San Pedro.

At issue is whether the mitigation proposed by this developer is true and will, in fact, prove "less than significant" on most of its points.

At issue is what will really happen to traffic and transportation if the developer starts his project and then changes his plans.

At issue is whether our community can welcome a building project, in addition to all the other projects, that only has Playa Vista as a larger development.

At issue is the questions concerning compromise. To date, there has been no statements from the developer that he would actually work with the community to cut down the size of his project.

At issue is trust. If at least two neighborhood councils have approved funding to question results with the developer's DEIR, and many more citizens have views that the DEIR is flawed, how can we trust that the proposed development will be built to the best interest of the entire community.

At issue is debate. Many folks, whether they claim to be supporters of Mr. Bisno, or who oppose his plans, need to continue open and honest debate. The proposed development is so huge that it will not only change the landscape of the community, but it may also place negative pressures of the infrastructer as far as businesses and access on Western Avenue's many parking lots for the entire community.

At issue is current building trends in San Pedro and Rancho Palos Verdes. There is a boom in residential building in downtown San Pedro, and along Gaffey at Capitol and 5 Points. R.P.V. city fathers have considered placing affordable housing along Western Avenue, and Walgreens has talked to the City of R.P.V. about building a new store at Western Avenue and Trudie Drive.

The Rolls Royce and Ferrari are not the issue. The issue is our future and how much we will be "charged" for continuing to live here. The issue really is what is Reasonable, Responsible, Realistic, and Respectful.