Friday, February 26, 2010

Odds and Ends 157

The newest report I have been able to gather from a source associated with the city of Los Angeles indicates that they have heard nothing concerning Ponte Vista at San Pedro for some time.
This is somewhat interesting in that, the last time I spoke to Ms. Elise Swanson, the Vice President of the current development organization and leader of the Outreach Team, I felt she indicated that something might come out to the public this "February".
So basically the newest report is quite similar to everything I have learned about the project since last May.
By now if you drive along Western Avenue close to the intersection of Trudie Drive, you should have seen the new signage announcing that hiring has begun for the new Denny's.
That particular restaurant addition seems to be moving along smoothly.
Unfortunately, I have heard some rumblings that the construction of Amalfitano's Bakery is hitting some snags even though construction is continuing and the lights are shining at both establishments.
There may be some conflict between Edison and the Amalfitanos. I hope everything gets settled soon and we can all enjoy once again some real treats that we had to say farewell to when Ramona's Bakery closed its doors.
I have written once again on: about a traffic signal system being installed at the intersection of Miraleste Drive and Palos Verdes Drive East.
More specifically, I wrote a piece that asks folks living near that intersection or using it frequently whether they actually want to have traffic signals there.
It is my belief, after talking to many folks and learning about traffic and some possibilities associated with the Marymount College expansion, that most of us who frequently use that intersection do not want or feel any need for traffic signals.
This issue is somewhat associated with Ponte Vista in that, according to the E.I.R. for the Marymount College expansion, 40% of the new traffic generated by the expansion project will travel to and from the intersection of Western Avenue at Trudie and Western Avenue at Palos Verdes Drive North, directly past the Ponte Vista site.
This issue came up again because of a new appendix to the E.I.R. for Marymount's expansion that dealt with having the college win accreditation to become a four-year institution and the construction of a large field on the Palos Verdes Drive East campus.
Did you all just love traveling in the southbound lanes of Western Avenue these past several days.
The right lane has been closed during the day at 1st. Street to allow for repairs to the hillside that partially came down.
There are also periodic closures of a lane due to utility work.
Will the fencing at Avenida Aprenda ever come down?
Last Tuesday, a fire partially consumed a home in the 1900 block of Trudie Drive. That was the reason for all those emergency vehicles in the area in the later part of the afternoon.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Odds and Ends 156

Another Week has gone by with nothing new to report concerning anything coming from the Outreach Team.
We are not through with February yet so there could be information coming out in the next 10 days......or not.
The new Terrace Cinema located where our Regal Six used to be has some really great prices for admission.
Movies are just $5.00 to attend before Noon each day.
From Noon to 6:00 PM, the prices rises to just $6.00.
The General Admission price tops out at $9.00 UNLESS you wish to attend a screening any time on Tuesdays or Thursdays. For those two days, admission all day is just $4.00. That's right, just FOUR Dollars!
Of course the concession stand is where the real money is made with popcorn and drinks costing much like other theatres charge.
There is a discount card available and the theatre is showing all first-run movies.
I am hoping this new ownership, part of the Starlight Pictures chain will keep movies in the community for a long time to come.
Driving past the new Denny's will allow you to watch stones being placed on the exterior walls, work being done inside, and construction continuing.
The work is also progressing at Asaka Grill right next door and at Amalfitano's Bakery in the Western Plaza center.
As you travel along Western Avenue you may also notice more than a few stopped AT&T trucks and vans.
Uverse is finally coming to the area and it requires many transitions of equipment and wiring.
The new system will allow you to have phone, very high speed Internet, and digital television over you phone wires.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Video About Ponte Vista

I get information from Google when something resembling the words "Ponte Vista" come up.
With today's update, I came across the following:

IndyConnect - Central Indiana's Transportation Initiative on Vimeo
Bisno - Ponte Vista. by Arnold Imaging. 3 months ago. 13. Avila - Best Thing I Ever Did. by Arnold Imaging. 3 months ago. 12. Ball Park Village ...

This was a bit intriguing for me because of the upload date of November 23, 2009.
The production, probably by Arnold Imaging was a basic rehash of what was proposed during "The Bob Years" and really doesn't bare any similarity to what might be forthcoming soon. is the URL for the 3:05 minute animated production.
What was also interesting to me when I went to the join page was that is for non-commercial uses. I can't believe Ponte Vista is non-commercial.

Whatever is going on is more than what has happened recently and I found it interesting enough to post this information.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Odds and Ends 155

Web site updates begin this edition. is back up on its server but the most recent post on it is dated September 11, 2009., the developments main site remains "under construction" as the Outreach Team continues to work on the new plans for the project.
I don't have anything really new to report or comment on concerning Ponte Vista at San Pedro and the Outreach Team's efforts to bring to all of us their newest plans for the 61.53 acre site in northwest San Pedro.
It is fast approaching the middle of February which is a month mentioned as being a month when the newest plans may be publicized.
February could also be the month when the new Environmental Impact Report could see the light of day or perhaps that is still to be offered somewhere down the road.
Is no news good news? I think that depends on how you feel about Ponte Vista.
Work continues on all the new eating establishments coming to the area.
There is quite a lot of work creating the new Denny's restaurant and it appears that work at the building is occurring inside and out.
Movement towards opening both Asaka Grill and Amalfitano's Bakery has been seen by the changing interiors of both sites.
The Western Plaza shopping area is also going to have a massage business opening up in a space once occupied by a laundromat.
Many years ago when our family's washing machine needed replacement, we would go down to what we called the "washy toshy". I think I put myself in one of the dryers just to see if I could fit. I remember them being big and pink and I could pretend.
Then after a few days of having to go somewhere to have our clothes washed, my dad would go to William's T.V. and Appliances and pick up a new washer. Mr. Otis Williams owned the store and he lived up the hill from us.
Yes, another production from The Relevant Stage Theatre Company comes your way and it has nothing to do with Ponte Vista.
I Love You. You're Perfect. Now Change opens on February 12 and runs weekends through February 27 at the historic Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro.
It's a great show with a fabulous cast.
While you are waiting for something to happen with Ponte Vista, I encourage you to take in a great show.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Another Ponte Vista

Here is a photo of Ponte Vista in Ocean City Maryland.
There is a one-bedroom, one-bath unit for sale for just $259,900.
If any of you wish for more information about this bay side development, I have some available.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Odds and Ends 154

We have entered the month when I was told that something MAY be coming forth concerning the newest plans for Ponte Vista at San Pedro.
I am hoping that any reductions in the total number of units from the 1,395-unit count we last heard and read about last year, will make the project the best possible for our entire community.
I don't think we need a long fight, but I think we all understand that there are still more than a few members of OUR community that will continue to remain steadfast in the demand that the current zoning of the site remain.
The Regal Cinemas six screen theatre at The Terraces has closed and the site is now Terrace Cinemas, part of the Starlight group of theatres.
You can find information about showings at the multiplex by visiting or by calling 310-831-1100.
The new management and ownership continue to carry first run movies and they offer bargain matinees daily.
We still have The Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro and its upcoming "Warners On Wednesdays" series of more recent films. The second season of that series will begin in May and offer fifteen films. Information about that series, with dates, times and movies can be found by visiting
Another week has passed when we were able to witness more work being done on the new Denny's and Amalfitano's Bakery.
What may be subtle for most is quite a dramatic change for those of us who are extremely familiar with businesses along Western Avenue in S.P. and R.P.V.
Hillside Cleaners was in its original location for several generations and was at its former location for as long as I can remember, right next to the barber shop.
Hillside Cleaners moved a few doors north and is now directly next to Hillside Liquors.
It appears that the Plant on Premises of the old location is gone and the new location sends out the items to be cleaned elsewhere.
Some years ago we decided that the prices at Hillside Cleaners were far to high for us to use, even though it is so darn close to our home. We now enjoy the cleaners on Western at P.V. Drive North near the Fresh and Easy Market.
Growing up, of course our family used Hillside Cleaners and there were some familiar faces we knew back in the '60s and into the '70s.