Friday, July 31, 2009

Odds and Ends 128

Another week goes by without much new news to consider relating to Ponte Vista.

So I swung to thinking about what I remember about a special event that happened in 2003 and to other times that ran from 2005 through just about the end of 2008.

Going through some saved papers, I cam across the program for the Centennial Celebration for San Pedro High School.

I opened that program and saw a number of names I was familiar with and saw a list that really brought back great memories and brought to mind what the future, back then, would include.

The list I read carefully contained the names of the volunteers who made up the organizing committee for the Centennial Celebration.

For those who don't know, the Celebration was one of the largest community events of 2003, it packed the hotel it was presented at, and I haven't heard of more than two or three individuals who had anything negative to say about the event....except for the crowding all over the site.

Anyway, when I looked at the list and remembered how the committee operated and who worked with who on the tremendously large tasks necessary to put on the Celebration, I was very pleased to see so many community members working so very hard together on a goal to bring OUR community together.

I was in charge of the Decade of the 70's room, if you remember that space. Each year's class was provided a "wall" they could decorate themselves. When all the "walls were put together, it presented a unified decade, together, with the walls holding other walls up.

The list I am referring to contains 27 names or members of OUR community who worked very well together and worked very hard and they very much produced the best results possible, I strongly believe.

It was one of the finest examples I have ever been involved with where members of OUR community stood together, worked hard, and got the job done.

But that was then and up until about December, 2008 we had some difficulties that brought much contention to just about all of us named on that Steering Committee.

There are names on the list who, like me, did not support Bob's plans during "The Bob Years".

There are also names of the same list of folks who supported Bob's plans during "The Bob Years" no matter what those plans were.

Reading the names on that list illustrated how far apart some folks who were very much together could become.

HOWEVER, "The Bob Years" are gone! I hope we can all come back in the spirit we all shared back in '03 to once again provide the best results to OUR community.

I remain hopeful that we can all move forward in this new and different environment that is not as challenging for us during "The Bob Years."

Gosh, we were all so together at one point. Then there was a far too long of a period we seemed to not get along. Now I hope we can find re connections that Bob worked to break up.

Don't you love the drive along Western between Avenida Aprenda and Carson, now that it has been resurfaced?

It will be a wonderful sight when all the painting and other things are finished.

Many folks lamented to me that Gaffey needed resurfacing, too. Well, have you driven along Gaffey between 5 Points and about Channel Street lately?

If you haven't I strongly recommend that you don't for a short spell. Gaffey has been all chewed up by what is called a planer and it is a rough ride these days.

But the planing means that Gaffey too, will have some needed resurfacing finished in several days to a couple of weeks.

I did it again. But this time for purely entertainment purposes, only. I have the time right now because I am retired and 'between jobs'

Thankfully, there has been no reason to create new posts that seem negative on my R1 blog.

I am procrastinating on doing a post on my Caveman Dairy blog about Cavemen attending High Teas. (I was stuck attending two this year and I participated in one in Canada some years back).

Nobody has been foul enough to warrant me having to place their comment on my secret never-should-read blog.

So, you are all welcome to take a gander at and see a great bunch of kids performing in San Pedro's Youthorizon's production of High School Musical 2.

But of course there are also other videos that my entertain you.

Whether you support the current plan for Ponte Vista or oppose it, we all are getting into the real meat of summer activities in the San Pedro area.

Taste in San Pedro, SBTS coming back, the TriArt Festival (Joe Caccavalla's hard works provides all of us with this event. Thanks, Joe), Hot Pedro Nites, and WOW can help all of us enjoy OUR community and let us head into fall and all the work that needs to be done to help provide the best results for OUR community regarding what Ponte Vista could look like.

I remain optimistic. I remain supportive of no more than 831 total units on the site. I remain hopeful that the folks at Ponte Vista and the Planning Department are willing to work with members of OUR community, seeking the best results for all of us.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Odds and Ends 127

For the very few number of you expecting to read this post yesterday, I apologize. I simply forgot that yesterday was Friday.

Big news continues to swirl around Pointe Vista and the tax residents are discussing that they may vote on themselves that would go towards that development.
If you read that last sentence and wondered if I wrote something incorrectly, I didn't.
Pointe Vista is at Lake Texoma in Texas. Its Web site is
and I feel it is worth a read to learn about a different development.
How do you like driving over the newly resurfaced Western Avenue? It was smooth driving from Avenida Aprenda all the way to Carson Street for Terri and I this morning.
You probably should know though that traveling over portions of Gaffey Street between Channel and Five Points may not provide the same feel as felt along the resurfaced portion of Western.
I have heard nothing from 'official' sources or members of the Outreach Team this week. I talked with some folks who haven't changed their opinions about what they want to see on the Ponte Vista site.
Ms. Elise Swanson, the Public Outreach Vice President for the Ponte Vista developement has taken on new responsibilities in helping the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce.
Ms. Swanson is very familiar with OUR community, gaining knowledge and experience while working in Coucilwoman Janice Hahn's office prior to Ms. Swanson joining the Ponte Vista team.
Every good bit of help working on goals and activities to strengthen San Pedro's downtown and waterfront areas gets a hail and hearty good luck from me and I do wish her well with her expanded opportunities in helping San Pedro.
Just for the record, the name "M Richards" appears in the directory of the Chamber as I was appointed to help Ray Buffer from The Relevant Stage Theatre Company with Chamber matters, when called upon.
Please have a wonderful week and we may meet somewhere at Point Fermin Park during Taste in San Pedro, if you attend.
Saturday brought news that the TIF for Pointe Vista was approved. Tax money to bring a private enterprise to an area is not new or even special to Texas.
Terranea Resort along the coast of the Palos Verdes peninsula received approval for a TOT Rebate. The tax incentive was provided because Terranea's developer stated dire conditions would occur, the hotel/resort would not open, and the Rebate would help secure further loans to keep Terranea open during these first few months of operation.
Pointe Vista's TIF includes tax subsidies for infrastructure improvements.
Ponte Vista developers are willing to provide infrastructure improvement funds and have not asked for a direct handout from L.A. taxpayers as far as I know.
It seems there is quite a lot more differences between the two developments, other than just one letter. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

lmao But Not Concerning Ponte Vista

This post is not about Ponte Vista, but allows readers to find humor in matters regarding a development other than Ponte Vista.
Terranea Resort recently opened its doors an an upscale resort at Long Point, the former site of Marineland of the Pacific.
Mr. Lowe, Terranea's developer and the city of Rancho Palos Verdes, its residents and others have been dealing with the project for the past 12 years.
Just before the resort was scheduled to open, Mr. Lowe confronted the R.P.V. City Council with the veiled threat that if he didn't get a rebate on the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT), he would not open the resort on the scheduled opening date.
Mr. Lowe first asked for up to 35 Million Dollars from the city before he agreed to take the 8.3 Million Dollar TOT rebate scheduled to be paid back to the city, with interest somewhere in the 2012-2015 time frame.
Mr. Lowe stated that unless he got assurances that the TOT rebate was approved, he could use that to secure between 8-12 Million Dollars in new loans.
Just about everyone Mr. Lowe went to for a loan to open the resort and keep it open during the initial months of operation demanded that the city of R.P.V. provide the TOT rebate.
However, the ordinance granting the TOT rebate was written to mandate that Terranea would not be provided the TOT rebate until a $12.5 Million Dollar loan extension was handed to Mr. Lowe by the developer's primary financial backer, Corus Bankshares.
One of the provisions for granting the TOT rebate was the stipulation that residents of R.P.V. would be offered a 25% discount on the first night of a multi-night stay at the resort and some discounts for goods and services other than alcohol.
The language of the ordinance stated that residents who wished to utilize discounts to R.P.V. residents would first need to pay a $25.00 registration fee to get discounts.
When that particular language was read in the light of day, it was stricken while laughter floated all around the peninsula.
The resort is now open and many residents of R.P.V. are wondering about where the discounts are and when will they be given.
The Director of Finances for the city or R.P.V. gave a report at Tuesday's City Council meeting regarding discounts.
Please remember that the primary loan guarantor is Corus Bank. There may be a test farther down on this post.
Here is basically what he reported out.
Discounts to R.P.V. residents will not be provided until the TOT rebate provisions are secured from the city which will only provide them after Terranea receives promised funds of 12.5 Million Dollars from a financial institution that is about to be taken over by the FDIC.
At the City Council meeting preceding this Tuesday meeting was the last vote to approve the TOT rebate and place it into city statutes.
I was the only speaker to address the Council members prior to their final vote on the matter and I warned the three members allowed to vote on the matter that they had better be absolutely sure they knew what they were getting into and that they needed to be comfortable with the vote they were about to take.
With my speaking, it allowed for all three voting members the opportunity to again defend their vote in front of the public and on television. I gave them the opportunity to attempt to defend their position. All three voting members then voted to approve the measure.
Please remember that the final vote was taken just two weeks ago and that currently all TOT is expected to be provided to the city of R.P.V. as long as the resort stays open and they get the necessary funding to trigger the rebate to be started.
In order for Mr. Lowe to get the extra 8-10 Million Dollar loan, he had to show lenders that the TOT rebate was approved.
The TOT rebate can only be triggered AFTER the 12.5 Million Dollar loan promised to Mr. Lowe by Corus has been provided.
Corus has been on shaky standing for some time and is just about to get taken over by the FDIC because no new buyer can be found for the assets and liabilities that Corus deals with now.
My suggestion is that if you want to see a high-end resort that appears new and wonderful, go there SOON.
If it stays open beyond February, 2009 I will be amazed. 
Any and all consideration that the TOT rebate will ever get paid back is now generally thought of as folly.
There have been many reviews of the resort on a variety of sites and you are encouraged to view those reviews and decide for yourself whether you want to spend money there. 
We all should make a pilgrimage to the site if only to remember Marineland or just tour the grand resort.
I won't purchase anything there until I get the R.P.V. residents' discount. That can't happen until the TOT rebate goes into effect after Corus delivers the promised 12.5 Million Dollars to the developer. Can an out of business bank provide those funds to Terranea if Corus is taken over by the FDIC?
Perhaps The Donald can swoop in and scoop up the resort and have Trump National Golf Course very close to a resort he may be able to get for not so much money and we will end up having two sites with The Donald's imprint on the peninsula.
Between the two sites is a short street named Cherry Hill Lane. When the asphalt for that street was originally laid down, it was north of Palos Verdes Drive South.
Today, Cherry Hill Lane is south of Palos Verdes Drive South and asphalt has been gone for a great number of years from that lane.
There is still one house on Cherry Hill Lane. As the street moved, both the lane and the house crossed over the path of Palos Verdes Drive South and everything continues to move towards the Pacific Ocean.
As a matter of trivia, Trump National and Terranea have between their sites, the fastest moving asphalt roadbed in the Western Hemisphere. 
So please visit and spend money at Terranea. We have no idea how long it will stay open and by traveling through the Portuguese Bend slide area, you are provided with an experience that constantly changes and is singular to this side of the planet.

Facts First, Opinions-I Certainly Have Them

Before you rush to scroll to the invitation to a reception honoring Councilwoman Janice Hahn, I'd like you to read these first bits.
Ms. Elise Swanson, the Vice President for Public Affairs for Ponte Vista told me that the Outreach Team would be announcing more on July 20. has a new post that mentioned what happened more recently and what looks to be in store somewhere in the near future.
Some of that near future may occur in September or October as far as presenting the newest plans to OUR community.
The Ponte Vista Outreach Team and the developer were scheduled to make a presentation of their new plans to Councilwoman Janice Hahn at her office on July 28.
It was recently learned that the Ponte Vista group requested a one-week delay in presenting to Ms. Hahn, new plans.
According to my personal belief and after talking to several individuals, I am confident to state that since at least April 9, 2009 and continuing today, Councilwoman Janice Hahn stands by here current beliefs that the recommendations by the staff of the Planning Department should be followed and that she continues to oppose the construction of 1,395-units on the 61.53-acre site known as Ponte Vista at San Pedro. Ms. Hahn continues to believe that 1,395-units exceeds what can be successfully provided to the community at Ponte Vista.
The newest post on the one Web site currently working regarding Ponte Vista states that representatives from Ponte Vista will be presenting a report to members of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission at its August 13, 2009 meeting.
That may or may not occur. It has been and still is expected that a report about Ponte Vista will be given by representatives of the Planning Department.
There has been a request by some members of OUR community that meetings be conducted between the developers, representatives of the Planning Department and Ms. Hahn's office, and selected very knowledgeable members of R Neighborhoods Are 1 and its attorney to collectively discuss what is best for OUR community in terms of what can be successfully built at the Northwest San Pedro site.
Unfortunately I have to report that nothing leading up to such a process has been dealt with recently.
Now let's wonder the following and other things:

I guess you can probably figure out that I will not be attending the reception. Not only do I not have $500.00 to spend on another city's elected official's Officeholder Committee, my city already has at least 6 candidates for two seats up for grabs this November.
It is legal for supporters and representatives of Ponte Vista at San Pedro to hold a reception to help Ms. Hahn with her past campaign and any future campaign for elected office?
It most certainly is! Someday, somewhere in the future, campaign financing laws require that the names of individuals who attend the reception by paying $500.00 per person will need to be made available to the public.
Some of the names on Page 1 of the invitation are easily recognizable as staunch supporters of having 1,395-units built at Ponte Vista.
I have done some checking on the Internet regarding other names and businesses on the list but I can only offer what I feel is trustworthy to inform you about.
Sage Advisors and Niko Consulting share the same office address and they help folks get and stay elected. These two groups have helped others in their campaigns and nothing seems out of the ordinary or anything less than honorable. These groups work towards helping Ms. Hahn with campaigns.
You get to use your own opinion as to which office Ms. Hahn becomes a candidate for.
Many people feel Ms. Hahn is readying herself to run for L.A. County Supervisor. 
A year ago I talked to a staff member of Ms. Hahn and that person told me Ms. Hahn would like to be an L.A. County Supervisor like her much beloved and wonderful father was.
Other sources, including something in the Daily Breeze have suggested that Ms. Hahn may seek the seat in the House of Representatives now being kept warm by Jane Harman.
Whatever office Ms. Hahn has plans to go for require large amounts of money to run and win a successful campaign.
Here is the first sentence from the "About Us" page of a Web site associated with Mr. Ken Spiker, Jr.: "Formed in 1984, Ken Spiker And Associates, Inc. (KSA) is dedicated to facilitating the efforts of private enterprises and government agencies." will allow you to make up your own mind about Mr. Spiker, and the company he works for, but it appears that he is part of a consulting firm.
What price influence? I believe in this particular case, the price is $500.00. Will that purchase closeness to one of Ms. Hahn's ears? If it doesn't, someone has wasted money, I feel.
Is the planned event legal, ethical, and moral? I believe it is and it is a common way folks who want something done they support are given the opportunity to get their message out loud and clear to the honoree.
But is it just plain wrong for Ms. Hahn to be a part of this event prior to the August 13 progress report to the Planning Commission and prior to the public disclosure of the revised plans?
As individuals, the answers to that question is yours.
I know R Neighborhoods Are 1 is unable to support a $500.00 per person reception honoring Ms. Hahn.
I doubt members of the various Advisory Boards for Ponte Vista could also produce an event like the one planned.
Do I think this is good timing on the part of Ponte Vista groups and poor timing for the rest of OUR community? Personally I feel that might not be in the best overall interest of Ms. Hahn to have such an event honoring her and aiding her "Officeholder Committee" at this particular time.
If new and greater support for the revised project is to be sought, I think it would be quite appropriate to have it AFTER the revised plans are fully disclosed to all of us.
It may appear that the folks at Ponte Vista are jumping the gun to get the greatest chance to move Ms. Hahn into their corner prior to the revelations of the revised plan.
Why can't the reception happen later this year after any and all open houses where all of us get to see the revised plans?
I hope Ms. Hahn and her staff understand the perception of the reception some in OUR community may soon have.

The number of folks I have talked to since April 9 who have opinions about Ponte Vista keeps growing.
The number of differing opinions also keeps growing.
Several individuals I have talked to seem to strongly feel that Credit Suisse will "flip" their interest in Ponte Vista when any entitlements are granted.
I believe this means that no matter what is approved of at the site, Credit Suisse will try toremove itself from the picture by selling its interests to another entity. 
To many with opinions, it has been repeatedly stated to me that whenever whatever entitlements are granted for the parcels, the Ponte Vista Partners Inc., LLC group will offer all the land for sale and get the most from selling the land rather than going through and actually building anything at all.
One reason I believe this may happen is that I have heard that the developer is unwilling to do any destruction or construction before entitlements are granted.
It appears that the developer will not offer any 'good faith' examples to OUR community by paying to extend the southbound left turn lane from Western Avenue onto S. John Montgomery Drive so drop offs and collections dealing with Mary Star High School would not impact other traffic on Western Avenue like it currently does when classes are held.
Another interesting offer from the California Conservation Corp was apparently rejected by the developer and team at Ponte Vista at San Pedro.
It seems that the C.C.C. wanted to have its workers do environmentally sound deconstruction of the vacated housing on the site. This would have removed some real blight in the area, I believe.
It also seems that the developer/equity team/Outreach Team is an was not willing to provide jobs at the site do offer OUR community the opportunity to learn more about and observe ways the environment can be protected during the processes of dismantling an old neighborhood in preparation for future work.

There are terrible mentions afoot dealing with Sacramento's wishes to pull back funds for ATSAC and other traffic mitigation measures This is not good and all of us, no matter what our opinions are concerning Ponte Vista should be concerned and ready to offer our opinions to decision makers in Sacramento.
Ponte Vista should not be expected to pay for the two different types of signal synchronization and control in the areas near the site. But they should fund traffic mitigation in our area because of the tremendous impact new traffic dealing with the site will have.

The great concern that SB1818, the density bonus law will impact what could be built at the site, no matter what anyone says, still exists.
Mr. Fentin can state whatever HE believes is true, but that doesn't make it the truth, according to existing laws.
This is scary given the many opinions that once entitlements are granted, Credit Suisse, DLJ Properties, and Ponte Vista Partners Inc., LLC will work hard to rid themselves of all interests at Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

Finally (THANKFULLY) it would be wonderful if we all can learn the truth as to who really holds title to the site.
I haven't found facts on the Internet to back up claims that Mr. Robert H. Bisno is no longer a part of the project.
I think it is important to OUR community that Bob is proved to be completely out of the pictures regarding anything dealing with the development.The move from BDC Ponte Vista Partners Inc., LLC to Ponte Vista Partners Inc., LLC still seems murky and it may take a title search to find out the most current facts.
If proof is not provided that Bob is completely and financially out of everything regarding Ponte Vista, perhaps "The Bob Years" still continue.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Odds, Ends, and OOPS!

Please ignore much of what I wrote about concerning the resurfacing project along Western Avenue.

Since last I drove over parts of Western, north of Avenida Aprenda, much now looks different.

Lanes are being resurfaced while no delays in traffic were found on my trips along Western.

Western needs all the TLC is can get.

Odds and Ends 126

If silence is golden with regards to Ponte Vista, just about everybody dealing with the project is very, very rich.

There aren't many new revealing facts to announce, but there are some things that continue to be interesting and can lead just about anyone to their own opinion about the near future.

This part should be attributed to me and only me. I have listened to a variety of folks and have observed things that are real and that are absent.

The Agenda for the August 13 Planning Commission Meeting where an update about the project may be given, has not be published on the Planning Department's Web site yet.

It is expected though that there will be just a verbal report provided about the progress or lack thereof regarding the progress towards readying a new EIR for the project.

I do not expect any bombshells from that report IF a report of progress is provided at all.

The report may be part of remarks provided by the Director of City Planning or a Supervisor working on the project within the Planning Department.

I know not what may be in any report.

Did you notice what is missing at many events and within programs for things all around San Pedro this summer?

Where are all the Ponte Vista advertisements?

The program for Shakespeare by the Sea does not contain any ad for Ponte Vista.

On Web sites for things like Music by the Sea and other summer activities, Ponte Vista has no advertising/marketing. is not operating as it did for several years.

The site, established in 2004 with a domain acquisition, lost its current serving contract on April 28, 2009 and is "Under Construction" or has not been assigned a new serving provider. still is operating and the last addition to it was June 5, 2009.
I could find nothing new to report from that site at 4:00 PM on Thursday.

I did speak with Ms. Elise Swanson, the Vice President for Public Affairs and the head of the Outreach Team.

The Outreach Team is intact and working towards coming out with new ideas and views.

There is a new landscape architect on board.

According to Ms. Swanson, we can expect to read and learn more about the progress beginning next week. That is the July 20 or after date Ms. Swanson told me about several weeks ago.

It looks like a greater outreach and community involvement situations will come forward in August and September, according to Ms. Swanson.

The trailer still has Outreach Team members working and I was given no impression that any rumor that the Outreach Team may go away in my talks with Ms. Swanson.

I didn't ask Ms. Swanson when she thought a new EIR could be ready for distribution. I don't think she would know that information at this time.

Perhaps we are actually in the dormant period for Ponte Vista that started just after April 9, 2009 and had only Mr. Oswald's interviews come to light and be accomplished.

No matter what eventually gets built at Ponte Vista, I hope everyone in OUR community wants the processes to move along at greater than a snail's pace.

It would be a very bad thing for us if we didn't get some kind of real resolution of this current project's workings.

Whether it is too many, too few, or just enough, without some kind of formal decisions by those in authority, that site and OUR community continues to be in limbo.

I do respect the concept that many want the project to remain in limbo. But pushing the project out without knowing more facts and ideas doesn't allow OUR community the input it must have.

I am sure Mr. Fentin, and the others in the funding stream of the project wish to get some resolutions understood before making more decisions.

The State Law dealing with density bonus will continue to come up whether anyone claims Ponte Vista will not be built with a density bonus, or not.

Mr. Fentin would probably not legally be able to sell off parcels or the whole site and not have the possibility of a density bonus from any new owners of the parcels or sites. I don't think he has legal standing to demand that of any new owners of any land at Ponte Vista.

I haven't observed any resurfacing work really being underway along Western between Avenida Aprenda and Carson Street.

I haven't been along Western near Carson for more than a week so I don't know if the work is being started on the north end of the Avenue or the south end.

I have had multiple reports that Amalfitano's Bakery is being brought to all of us by the same great folks from the old Ramona's Bakery.

If that is the case, then a frequent person who comments may once again enjoy some of the same great tastes that were provided from that legendary bakery on Pacific.

When I played for Eastview Little League, the smell coming out from DiCarlo's was almost too much for a starving kid who didn't eat dinner before his games.

I am not a bit nervous with the thought of having the wonderful aromas from a full service bakery wafting into our bedroom in the early hours of the morning. 

Maybe in early morning dreams I will be able to enjoy the tastes that diabetes now keeps me from fully enjoying.

It's a new business along Western Avenue that will be close enough for the Outreach Team members to be able to supply the trailer with great eats for themselves and guests.

In summary, the wheels may be turning very slowly at this time but according to Ms. Swanson, they are turning.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Odds and Ends 125

I've learned nothing new relevant to the project in this last week.

That being written, I guess it is okay to write things that may be relevant and things that are irrelevant. is still 'Under Construction'. What is irrelevant is that the Web site was purchased by EMG Properties on April 28, 2004.

That original contract expired on April 28, 2009 but the site was showing 'Under Construction' just after the Planning Commission Meeting where the plans were denied.

Bob Bisno had the San Pedro site of Ponte Vista on his mind more than a year before his final bid on the land was accepted, it seems.

I am still getting comments that perhaps, the Outreach Team will reach out to moving vans as the trailers may be vacated on or around July 20.

I consider that a shame for all of us if that becomes true.

No matter what our feelings were and are about the project, to have this particular venture fold is not good for OUR community.

I hope they stay and fight it out. But current economic conditions and "The Bob Years" may have wounded the processes to much to survive.

I am sure nobody in OUR community wants to start over with another over-developer or find out that the land is parceled out to a mish-mash of different developers.

We had enough trouble dealing with you know who and I don't want to see a number of you-know-who-like people clamor for the 22 or so existing parcels.

Unfortunately, the most likely outcome according to many folks who claim they know is that IF Mr. Fentin gets entitlements, he will simply put them up for sale rather than actually building anything like what is claimed to be planned now.

It also seems mystifying to me that the Outreach Team hasn't provided information about how they and Mr. Fentin are working with the Planning Department to move along the project.

I think there should have been some marketing news from the Outreach Team expressing the progress they are having with the Planning Department.

For a group attempting to gain support for their project, I would expect some type of real progress reports forthcoming on their currently operational Web site.

Silence may not be golden in this case. 

The site as it was and currently is may continue to be the best thing for us.

I can't imagine what the Ponte Vista at San Pedro site would look like today if the opposition during "The Bob Years" hadn't done what it had to do.

At least we see today what we have seen for years and that may beat a conglomeration of sights at in a destruction and construction area that could have been abandoned just after it began.

If we are stuck with what we have been stuck with for so long, it means we don't have to deal with partial destruction and possible construction traffic, air, and environment.

It certainly looks like IF the current developer continues on and IF the team actually goes forward to create an approved Ponte Vista plan, it will take more years than expected to see the final move-in of the initial residents.

You know who claimed the final phase of construction was expected to be done in 2012 or 2013. Folks, that isn't likely to happen.

I'm still sticking with my maximum number of units being 831-units. That is no matter who owns what land within the 61.53 total acreage.

That number is equivalent to The Gardens. If Ponte Vista at San Pedro includes any retail space, it is something that I don't believe The Gardens has.

So with retail it means Ponte Vista would actually have a slightly higher dwelling denstity compared to overall land area compared to The Gardens.

But again, 831 total residential units falls within the Planning Departments suggestions of between 775-886 total units.

Of course, if R1 remains on the site, don't look for me to complain one bit. Okay, just perhaps a slight frown about not having any senior housing at Ponte Vista, but I can easily live with that.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Odds and Ends 124

If you are waiting for the dates of the 'Public Information Sessions' put on by the Outreach Team of Ponte Vista at San Pedro, you wait is going to continue.

Even though states "We will be announcing the dates for several Public Information Sessions that will be happening in June and July!", I learned news that makes even July sessions something of a question to me.

I talked to Ms. Elise Swanson, the Vice President in charge of the Outreach Team. She informed me that more information should be coming out on or after July 20.

It seems that IF there are sessions before the August 13 Planning Commission meeting to provide more information about plans for the project, they won't be held with much time before that meeting's date.

That is IF there won't be some kind of postponement of the report by the Planning Department on the status of the project which was directed to be done by the Commissioners.

It may mean absolutely nothing that has been under construction for months now since just after the new proposals were revealed.

The site had lots of information on it about the former proposal but it looks like there is nothing to illustrate the 1,395-unit proposal by the current developer on the site.

It looks like the beginnings of work on the resurfacing of Western Avenue between Avenida Aprenda and Carson Street is now happening.

The work is slated to be done at night and only one lane at a time is going to be worked on.

Has anyone seen or otherwise have knowledge of new studies being done for a new EIR for Ponte Vista? According to a source who lives closer to the site than I do, they have seen nothing they would describe as a new traffic study.

Of course if a new traffic study is undertaken in the coming weeks that means that the regular traffic associated with Mary Star of the Sea High School would not be studied. That would make a new study undertaken in this timeframe not realistic of what Western has on it during the school year.

I have seen ominous markings in the number 2 lane of southbound Western Avenue between Delasonde and Toscanini.

The orange paint on the asphalt is used by communications companies and there are white markings along with the orange markings near a power/phone/cable T.V. pole.

It you see markings in the street it can mean a lane may get closed during hours of work on whatever is going to happen.

Because the markings are south of Delasonde, they are on a portion of Western Avenue that is not currently slated for resurfacing.

Hey, would you like to fill a volunteer position.

There is a need for one more Johnston, Iowa Park Advisory Board Member. One of the parks in that town is...........Ponte Vista Park! Who knew there were lots of Italians in that part of Iowa?

I am continuing to talk to folks about their current feelings concerning Ponte Vista.

I am considering writing a commentary that features more specific feelings from a variety of folks. It still is interesting to run into people I haven't talked with for a while and learn what their current ideas about the project are.

Maybe by "Odds and Ends 125" I'll have a better picture of what folks think, what we are seeing throughout OUR community, and what, if any, the responses from the Outreach Team are.

On Development news and while researching information about bakeries, Terri and I have been learning more about Amalfitano's Italian Bakery in Delaware and its ownership and relationship to DiAmbrosio Bakery in the Philadelphia area.

I am pretty sure the two bakeries owned by a larger company are not affiliated with the Amalfitano Bakery that is coming to Western Avenue.

The front windows of the old Sunken City are now papered over so I am still guessing that is where the new bakery will be constructed.

Have a happy and safe Independece Day. Terri and I are celebrating our 17th that day so we sometimes call it our Dependence Day.

Thank you all for noisily celebrating the day.