Friday, June 25, 2010

Odds and Ends 174

Wednesday June 23, 2010.
Time: 4:55 PM
Party: Mark and Terry Wells
Place: Denny's Restaurant's door.
Occurance: As we strolled into the new Denny's I found just two guests, both sitting at a booth, in the entire dining area.
Terri and I were the third and fourth customers at 5:00 PM.
By the time we left, at about 5:25 PM, the 'huge mass of humanity', O.K., the family of four and one added couple were sitting at booths and the rest of the place was empty.
10 Customers at 5:00 PM on a weekday.
The lower half of the front windows at Amalfitano Bakery have a frosted look with etched-appearing on two of the pieces of glass.
There will be a very small area inside the Bakery where a few folks can sit and enjoy the fair, there.
I still don't have an opening date to post.
It's a coyote. It's natural. It's nature.
Get a llama and be done with it.
I feel the llama would arrive sooner if Councilwoman Hahn was offered a photo op with it as it joins the herd of goats and sheep.

Friday, June 18, 2010

What A Wonderful Sign

Hold on to your car keys, walking shoes, sweet tooth, and aroma senses, the Bakery hasn't opened yet!
But seeing the sign up for the first time brought happiness to Terri and I and we both stated we wanted to share the news with everyone.
I wish Mr. Anthony Amalfitano, his family, and all the employees of the new bakery, the best of openings and a strong and healthy life in the new location on Western Avenue at Trudie Drive.
Amalfitano Bakery is the last of the eateries I have been writing about for the longest time, to finally open.
I don't know an opening date for the new establishment. I hope to provide that news to the widest readership possible, when I learn the date.
I have no clue yet what my first 'treat' will be. After growing up eating delights from Ramona's Polly Ann's, Joseph's, and other bakeries in our community, picking a favorite treat I will allow myself to have is going to be a problem.
Carrot Cake? Chocolate Chip Cookies? (Now remember everyone, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE THAT CONTAINS NUTS!), One of the many bread products Ramona's was famous for? A brownie? (I can consider a brownie with nuts not being too foul)
I guess I'll have to decide once I gaze at the full display of great things.
As for my eating plan, I will make all the necessary changes that should allow me to have at least a small portion of anything I desire. Since I am closing in on a 70 pound weight loss, so far, I feel I am entitled to splurge, especially since Terri and I have waited so long to wake up to the smell of fresh bread baking only a small number of yards from our bedroom window.

Odds and Ends 173

For many folks, the cloud of selling off whatever entitlements Ponte Vista at San Pedro receives will be sold off rather than having the development constructed by a single development team as told to us, during "The Bob Years".
It seems we may be watching something somewhat similar unfold with "The Marymount Plan" and its initiative that would allow the constructions of two residence halls on the Palos Verdes Drive East campus and restrict, using a municipal code if approved by voters on November 2, 2010 that would essentially strip city government oversight of the bulk of their responsibility and rights to monitor, comment, and enforce elements of The Marymount Plan, both during the construction, implementation, and school operation, into the future.
As Bob Bisno was probably considering selling off the entitlements to others rather than actually developing Ponte Vista, so too may Dr. Michael Brophy, Marymount's President and other supporters of The Marymount Plan be considering the use of 'forward selling' of the rights and operations of all potential on-campus and off-campus college-owned student housing.
Dr. Brophy and others may also wish to forward sell all rights related to any or all public and private events and ventures to an entity that would manage, produce, administer, and market things like concerts, band camps, sporting events, and other things on the Marymount Campus.
Forward selling of residence halls operations and the administration and management of events and non-academic activities at Marymount could find a huge financial windfall coming to Marymount with very large checks that could conceivably, pay for the entire expansion plan, with more large donations from well-healed supporters.
I have offered some facts, assertions, and other opinions on my blog.
Along with the possibility of on-campus housing at Marymount College, no one living anywhere near Western Avenue and Palos Verdes Drive North should expect or consider that Marymount would abandon and/or sell their 300+ student off-campus housing site called Palos Verdes North, which is located between Western Avenue and Five Points, on Palos Verdes Drive North.
It is also not currently know and doubtful that Marymount would close and sell off its Pacific Heights student housing building near 24Th and Cabrillo, in San Pedro.
Naturally, Marymount could reap even more income by selling off that property. But representatives of Marymount have claimed, several times, that they would close down that site and they have not kept their word about that, repeatedly.
So, there MAY be coyotes searching for meals at Ponte Vista. Isn't that something that is natural?
I do like the idea of placing at least one llama on the site to protect the goats and sheep.
There was a period of time, while my sister and her family lived where we now live, that she wanted a llama in the back yard to increase her 'zoo' which included two goats, cats, a dog, ducks, and a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig which had the waddle of the house and slept in her own 'bed' in the master bedroom.
I hope you are sitting down as you read this: The fencing surrounding the construction site along Western Avenue near Avenida Aprenda, is still up! I bet you were thinking I was going to write that it had been removed.
By the next "Odds and Ends" post, it will officially be summer.
Have a wonderful, peaceful, and happy summer!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ponte Vista APARTMENTS?????

On June 8, 2009, a video was produced by Arnold Imaging showing a 3 minute and 5 second animation of what the Ponte Vista "Apartments" might look like.

Here is the text from the following URL:,

The developers of a 1,395 units apartment development in 'Las' Angeles needed a way to illustrate the design of their development to local neighborhood groups so they could receive their planning approvals.

Our Solution:
Create a video that shows the improvements to the streets and the architectural design of the buildings."

It is important to note that the video was placed in the 'Portfolio' section of the Web site and that was just over one year ago and may have absolutely nothing to do with whatever current plans are afoot by the new development team.

It is also important to note that there is no way on this or any other planet that 1,395 'apartments' would ever be approved, allowed, or tolerated on the 61.53 acre Ponte Vista at San Pedro site.

The animation illustrates what many of us have seen in previous drawings and other types of illustrations with Ponte Vista, even during "The Bob Years".

Apartment complexes with either rental or leased units have a much higher turn around rate than condos or SFRs do and with Western Avenue as the sole ingress and egress road at Ponte Vista, I is not reasonable to expect that the L.A. City Council would ever allow such a large 'apartment' development there.

Seaport Luxury Homes, the former condo project that actually opened as a lease-project has 136-units and I don't believe all the units have been leased or rented out as of today.

While the animation looks somewhat impressive, I think it amounts to much ado about nothing. But even something as trivial as this little bit provides some information many of us haven't seen with the project.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Odds and Ends 172

The morning sun brings light to the plastic cover-less front windows of Amalfitano's Bakery where passersby can see the new display cases clearly, under plastic sheeting.
It looks like the sign may be almost ready for placement. I found no notice when the new business will open in Rancho Palos Verdes.
The promises, promises to remove the fencing around the still-under-never ending-construction site along Western at Avenida Aprenda. Iguess by the time that site is finally fence-less new fencing will be placed where the Clearwater Program's giant hole will be dug for the tunneling machine, dirt extraction, and tunnel construction. That may be in 2012 or 2013.
Here is a blatant plug for all to see "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" the musical, opening tonight at 8:00 PM at the Warner Grand Theatre, in San Pedro.
I built the set in my backyard before it was transported to the theatre.
You can find information and tickets by visiting
Although I voted for Janice Hahn to win the primary, it may not be such a bad thing that she now can continue to be the 15Th District Councilperson for the remainder of her last term, I feel.
Los Angeles residents won't have to have tax funds used to pay for a special election to replace her on the City Council should she have won the primary and gone on to win the general election.
We can also probably count on her to continue to call for a reasonable, realistic, responsible, and respectful outcome for Ponte Vista at San Pedro as she is now probably too familiar with all the issues and factions related to the 'sometimes proposed' condominium development.
My high horse continues to eat its oats and comment that he continues to feel strongly that up to 831 dwelling units should be built at Ponte Vista.
That figure remains as a dwelling unit equivalent to The Garden's 1,100-units where residents of those units have both Western Avenue and North Gaffey Street as main ingress and egress roads while Ponte Vista will only have Western Avenue.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Odds and Ends 171

Terri and I ate at Pavich's Brick Oven 'Pizzafe' or 'Pizzaeria' depending on whether you believe the outside signage or the menu.

First, we saw no 'brick' oven cooking any pizza. There is a large ceramic tile-covered oven that may be fired by natural gas and it the tile could be shielding the bricks from view.
The restaurant was very clean and customers could observe the preparation and baking operations by friendly workers.
Our cashier was correct-handed and I appreciate owners of businesses providing jobs for some of most oppressed people on the planet.
It appears that Pavich's Manager is fluent in Croatian, as I expected and she could be related to Mr. Pavich by marriage of by birth.
I really liked the price for my 12" 'personal' Italian sausage pizza. It is the type of pizza I use to judge the various fabulous restaurants in our community that serve pizzas. My pizza was just $6.99 plus tax.
Terri said her 'personal' vegetarian pizza was the best in town and probably this galaxy. Her pizza was $10.02 and it was more than filled with great vegetables.
I prefer the more expensive and smaller Italian sausage pizza from Z-Pizza on Western in the Albertson's shopping area.
Both restaurants serve very thin crust pizzas and that is the best for folks with diabetes and who are trying to lose weight.
The problem with having a 12" 'personal' pizza, I found, was that I ate five pieces in Pavich's because it was so good and I finished the rest of the slices several hours later.
Big mistake on my part. I hadn't had more than one piece of pizza in over three months. I guess I overdid the overenjoyment.
The menu at Pavich's offers pizzas on the obverse and three choices for entrees, sandwiches, and sides on the reverse.
Because Terri and I consider the original Pavich's Pizza near 22nd and Alma, we were very pleased with the quality at the new site. The tastes of the cheese and sauce was familiar and very enjoyable.
The menu states "Salad Menu Coming Soon" and I hope the salads come sooner than later.
Of Saladish, Pavich's, Asaka Grill Express, and Denny's, I prefer those four new restaurants in that order.
I hope to find much sooner than rather later, where I can place Amalfitano's Bakery in the order.

I again wish to share my appreciation and gratitude to Ms. Elise Swanson for allowing my friend Angela 'Romee' Romero access to the streets and the less-than-wildlife at Ponte Vista.
Angela's photos on her San Pedro Block by Block blog were wonderful and her post was informative.
I will probably write a post when I get time about the potential ramifications of the recently passed Resolutions concerning Marymount College.
But for now I am volunteering at Miraleste I.S. Library, working on the set for "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" and trying to get on board with the T.S.A.