Friday, August 28, 2009

Odds and Ends 132

I normally write these particular posts Thursday evening.

At this moment I hope to get this post done before the power goes out again.

I don't know if the Ponte Vista site is on the same power grid lines we are on, but if it is, I hope they can use their influence to finally correct a decades long problem.

We lose power on our side of Trudie Drive while the other side keeps its light on. It has been this way for as long as I can remember.

Unless there is a large area power outage, our side of the street along with other places local to Western Avenue, but not necessarily everywhere, lose power.

It happened four times today. That is unusual. The first one cost me my 1TB external hard drive. Ouch! I lost all the videos I was working on editing. I'll have to go back to upload them from the DV tapes.

But that is not about Ponte Vista.

Really, I have nothing new to offer about Ponte Vista directly.

I do like the paint now all along Western Avenue where it was resurfaced. I think the project is just about finished.

I had a dream where I drove south along Western Avenue at Avenida Aprenda and I didn't see any work being done on the sewer system. Sadly it was just a dream and the fencing and workers are still there. Perhaps they never intend on leaving.

As many of you were watching the sky and/or TV on Thursday, you probably saw the glow of a fire burning. It is a scary sight to see the glow and smell the smoke.

Where the Ralph's Supermarket now stands there once was a canyon that stretched from just about Western Avenue all the way to almost Gaffey. It was only bisected by a street connecting Park Western Drive with a part of the Channel Heights housing project.

Each and every year that I was alive and the canyon had not been filled, it burned.

There were other brush fires along Western Avenue and the photo of our Western View Homes was taken just after a fire burned the brush to the north and south of the homes.

Fires are not new and it looks like they will not go away.

Keeping our eyes open when we pass brush filled areas like Ponte Vista and the Defense Fuel Supply Point could help keep homes from burning if some idiot decides to light a match.

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Anonymous said...

per the next RPV staff report: a revised EIR for Ponte Vista is going to be circulated by the City of LA by the end of the year. Mr. Fox met with Mr. Oswald and he said they are working on a new project that is less than 1,395 units. guess we'll just have to wait and see.