Friday, September 04, 2009

Odds and Ends 133

"Anonymous 7:53 PM" may have provided a 'tell' about their identity with the comment to the previous post.

I do thank "Anonymous 7:53 PM" for the updates and he or she provided some new information that may become more important as time passes.

Any reliable suggestion that Mr. Fentin and the Outreach Team will come out with a plan with fewer than 1,395 total unts would be a step that some folks may find to put them into the support column, instead of the apathetic or opposition columns.

But I am sticking with no more than 832 total units.

On Thursday I talked with two individuals who supported the original plans and the second set of plans for Ponte Vista.

They both continue to strongly support having some Senior Housing in the Project and I continue to support having some Senior Housing at Ponte Vista.

I don't know of anyone who has favored some Senior Housing at Ponte Vista now opposing that concept.

Of course there are still a large number of members of OUR community who do not support any Senior Housing being at Ponte Vista.

There may be some in OUR community who favored some Senior Housing but now would let that type of housing go in order to finally get to a project that can get approved.

I don't believe the L.A. City Planning Department has changed its position opposing Senior Housing at Ponte Vista even though the most recently revealed concepts moved that section from the northern part of the property to the southwest portion of the site.

Summer may be winding down, but it is not over yet and neither are some great activities we all might enjoy.

I continue to let folks know about the TriArt Festival being produced by Mr. Joe Caccavalla during the weekend of September 12-13 in downtown San Pedro.

Joe was one of the founding members of the Senior Advisory Board of Ponte Vista at San Pedro and even though we disagree on what should be included at Ponte Vista, he is a great fellow who is attempting to bring more festivals, art, culture, and people to the downtown area of San Pedro. is the Web site for the weekend event.

It doesn't matter on which 'side' of the Ponte Vista issues you are on when it comes to supporting the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

On September 12, John and Debbie Sue Stinson are hosting a fundraiser for the Aquarium at their home.

Terri and I are volunteering to work one of the fun games at the event which will also include a silent auction, raffles, art giveaways, food, and entertainment.

It is a good cause to support, but space is limited. If you would like to attend the event, please Email me at so I can fill you in.

Ms. Kristina Smith runs Pedro at: and you can find plenty of information about upcoming events in and around OUR community.

For the last two Thursdays we who live on or near The Hill have had to contend with brush fires.

Both fires were caused by things other than arson but that doesn't mean we can't ignore what could be a very bad fire season in OUR community.

I don't think we should demand that folks working for or having business interests with Ponte Vista should be the only ones keeping eyes open about the potential for serious damage and injury on or near the property.

We who live near, drive by, or can view the Ponte Vista site and the Defense Fuel Supply Point need to remind ourselves that we should help keep watch for fires in both those areas.

I don't know if there are financial resources available at both sites to clear brush enough to really lower the potential danger should a fire break out in either area.

I doubt Ted and his backers have funds to spend on great amounts of brush clearance. Clearing brush from the Supply Point is on taxpayers' dimes and it doesn't look like there is money there, either.

Please help OUR community which is probably also YOUR community by looking for potential or real problems in the northwest San Pedro area. Of course there are also many other areas we need to keep watch on. Keeping watch is much better than watching fires or watching yourself or your neighbors lose their home to fire.

On a personal note, thank you so much to all of you who came to Warners on Wednesdays, the summer film series at the Warner Grand Theatre.

We will end our inaugural season with the movie, "Coraline" on September 9, 2009.

Two shows, one at 6:00 PM and the other at 9:00 PM will end the season which we hope will just be the first of many.

The price for a ticket to see "Coraline" is just $3.00. But if you wish to buy a "Date Night" Special, you will get two admissions, two small popcorn, and two small sodas for just $10.00. That's normally an $18.00 value for just one Alexander Hamilton!

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