Friday, November 13, 2009

Odds and Ends 143

The biggest news this week along Western Avenue is that work continues on Amalfitanos' Bakery.

The other smaller news is that it looks like P'Sketti has finally ended the experiment of having a drive thru Italian Restaurant in a community full of Italian Restaurants.

Having sampled dishes from so many restaurants in the area that serve Italian dishes, I think we can all agree that P'Sketti's food was nothing to write to Italy about.
This blog dealt a few weeks about about a supporter of Bob Bisno's who went on to get elected to the city council of Rancho Palos Verdes.

I hope he serves the residents and businesses in that city well.

There are two other former supporters of Bob who are wonderful patrons of the art and deserve special mention for their thoughtfulness to OUR community.

Herb and Arlene Zimmer did not agree with those of us on our side of the issues surrounding Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

Herb and Arlene actually live in Rancho Palos Verdes.

The couple can be found attending concerts and theatre all over San Pedro and they have been gracious enough to donate to the arts in OUR community.

Herb and Arlene own a local print shop and if you need printing work done, you probably can't find friendlier folks to provide you printing needs.

Arlene and I served on Janice Hahn's Community Advisory Committee for the Ponte Vista at San Pedro Project.
Ms. Angela Romero has a marvelous Web site dealing with her walks through the San Pedro community.

Her blog is San Pedro Block by Block and you can find it at:

She has already placed her feet on every street in northwest San Pedro, including S. John Montgomery, inside the fences of Ponte Vista.

You can read the archives of her blog to read about her adventures in northwest San Pedro.
She is currently strolling the area closer to Mary Star of the Sea as she heads ultimately to the coast.

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