Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's Almost Here! Really, I'm Not Fibbing This Time

An article in The South Bay Daily Breeze stated that the new Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for Ponte Vista as San Pedro could be published in "October".

Since there is only one day left in October, the chance remains that it could be already published or come out tomorrow.

What I can confirm is that it is going through its final editing for dotting the 'Ts' and crossing the 'i's and if it is already out, the time for its public publishing is very near.

The new Proposed Project calls for 830 dwelling units as I have been told by a reliable source and the the number of the different type of units is also changed from what the developers originally were considering.

There will be fewer of the 'low end' apartment units. There will be more single-family residential units on small lots.

It appears that the total number of dwelling units is below the maximum number of units I was considering.

While the total number of units is fewer and the overall makeup of the types of units may be better, I can still find some very significant issues that need to be addressed before the project goes through the voting process by the members of the Los Angeles City Council.

Traffic was and always will be the most significant element regarding Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

There are public access issues that need more work, I feel.

There is the disconnect between what is proposed at Ponte Vista and what is being considered for the Palos Verdes North off-campus housing area for Marymount College.

The Mitigated Negative Declaration being considered for Marymount College's north San Pedro facility has some real problems dealing with traffic issues, too. The issues related to traffic, access and transportation as it relates to two large project in close proximity to each other, along with a few other factors, will continue to be something we all need to be vigilant about, I believe.

What I can also reveal is something that has not been a secret for years. Most of us are sick and tired of dealing with having to pass by the site in its current condition and seeing what is there.

While I can easily continue to help fight alongside those who continue to demand that the site remains with it's current zoning, there now may be a far greater number of folks who just want something built and I feel the majority of those neighbors and friends won't put up much of a fight over what looks to be coming forth in the new EIR.

I hope diligent caution with experienced review and educated reasoning is used to provide the best outcome for everyone, including the new neighbors that will live in Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

I still have lots of buttons, though.

Thank you.

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