Saturday, November 18, 2006

An Observation

It's 11:33 A.M. on Saturday November 17, 2006.

My wife and I just finished our Thanksgiving Dinner shopping at Ralph's. We had to travel about 200 yards down Trudie, cross the intersection of Western and Trudie/Capitol, and drive about 100 yards to the entrance of the parking lot.

During our journey we encountered one stinking, blinking set of red light signals at the intersection. We stopped. I looked to my left and cars were waiting on Western as far as the bend by the Terraces. I looked to my right and saw two long lines of cars trying to head northbound on Western. They appeared to be backed up all the way to Crestwood.

Now, if one, and only one stinking, blinking red traffic signaled intersection can mess up the journeys of so many people in our community, just think of what can we expect in our future.

I still remember that there are several storm pipes under Western that haven't been upgraded and still may be metal pipes instead of concrete.

It is now 5:41 P.M.

My wife and I did some shopping at Del Amo mall. You know that is probably where the bulk of the $101 Million Dollars a year will be spent by residents of Ponte Vista.

Anyway, I thought it would be good to go out for dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant. So I took Western south from P.V. Drive North to get to Nona's Kitchen on the lowest level of the Terraces. I found the traffic backed up all from Caddington to the still stinking, blinking red lights at Trudie/Capitol and Western.

When we finished our Swordfish dinner at Nona's I found some gracious drivers who allowed me into the slow flow southbound on Western. I only had to get to Trudie, so I didn't have the turmoil that the poor souls continuing both north and south through the Trudie/Capitol and Western, stinkin, blinkin intersection.

Now I will give an extremely subjective opinion on something near Ponte Vista. It could and hopefully will be something of interest to any number of residents who end up living in Ponte Vista.

We have the greatest Italian restaurants anywhere west of Italy, in my humble opinion. Living in the San Pedro area we have enjoyed Raffaello's, Sorrento's, Bouno's Pizza, Dominick's, Z-Pizza, and a host of other great Italian restaurants around our community.

And then there is Nona's Kitchen. Nona's Kitchen is a little restaurant on the lowest level of the Terraces. It is owned by the Palazollo family from Sicily. "Nona" is the chief chef and she cooks home style dishes that are usually a cut above the greatest food we already enjoy all over town.

Not to be missed is her perfectly prepared pasta with a homemade sauce that is just too good for words. Add meatballs or sweet Italian sausage to the dish, and it is even more perfect.

On Fridays and Saturdays, Nona prepares a Swordfish dish that is coated, baked, and then covered with a sauce that too far above description.

Nona makes homemade trays of Italian cookies. If you are from the old country, or you know how to locate Italy on a globe, you must try some of her cookies.

Now for Nona's Lasagna. There simply are no words. I am still a fat guy, trying to loose weight because of diabetes. So my wife and I share one serving of Nona's lasagna, along with splitting a Antipasto Salad. You all need to try some of Nona's Lasagna. If there is a heaven, her Lasagna most be the most ordered menu item beyond the Pearly Gates.

I think that no matter what the zoning remains or changes to at Ponte Vista, I strongly suggest that any and all folks who are considering moving into the new development, try a good lunch or dinner at Nona's.

If you insist that Ponte Vista remains R-1 zoned, please have a meal at Nona's. You will not find a better restaurant to dine at either before or after any protest you attend.

I think the most expensive single menu items are the $8.99 Swordfish dinner and the Lasagna. The fish dinner comes with a garden salad and two nice sized pieces of fish. The Lasagna portion is humongous, to my eyes. You need a good appetite to get through her healthy portion of this great dish.

The atmosphere is very homey. Nona and her family, including grandchildren, run a very friendly and cozy place. There is a big screen T. V. in the corner and the remote is freely passed around the restaurant.

So now you know that there is one thing about Ponte Vista that I am not anywhere near objective about. Folks who will live and work in or near Ponte Vista should visit Nona's Kitchen.

Of course, you may have to contend with a stinkin, blinkin intersection......or even worse, in the future. Nona's is worth it!


Anonymous said...

Wow! such a short post.

Anonymous said...

it looks like we've got a comedian here.

Anonymous said...

See! M Richards still can't seem to write a short post.

Anonymous said...

I drive (or crawl) by Nona's all the time but have never eaten there. Thanks for the review Mark, I'll try it out.