Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Interviews Began has published its account of what is happening with the discussions regarding what may come to the 61.53 acre site.

Should we buy into their claims? Please be cautious.

We can read the Outreach Team's account. We can read Ms. Littlejohn's article. You can read this blog and other blogs. You can talk to your friends and read information from other sources.

It now looks like Mr. Oswald is going to interview folks picked by Ms. Elise Swanson, the head of the Outreach Team. He MAY also take opinions from 'regular' folks during a planned Open House.

Here are some ways Ms. Swanson and Mr. Oswald can provide some information that actually attempts to show they are being fair and impartial IF they are truly going to make it look like they really are attempting to get the pulse of OUR community.

Publish a list of the approximately 60 names of 'community leaders and others' who are being interviewed.

Publish any and all formal questions Mr. Oswald will be asking the folks.

Provide an Email address directly to Mr. Oswald that won't first be viewed by the Outreach Team or Mr. Fentin.

Provide more than just one Open House event for folks to make comments. There just might be more folks wanting their opinions heard than can be accommodated in just one evening.

Share the outline of what ranges, if any, the Outreach Team and Mr. Fentin have established for the number of units necessary for DLJ and Credit Suisse to remain at least neutral on the project.

If Credit Suisse, DLJ, Mr. Ted Fentin, Ms. Elise Swanson and her Outreach Team, and the remaining members of the development team truly want this outreach plan to be viewed as open and honest, they all need to be completely forthcoming about the process and the policies they are using.

It is also unreasonable for all of them to believe they will be able to take whatever they come up with to the April 9, 2009 meeting of the Los Angeles City Planning Commission.

To keep in place an application backed by studies that have been found by many to be fatally flawed, demonstrates that they just might not be willing to accept and adhere to what OUR community is calling for.

The do over the Ponte Vista at San Pedro folks are being provided may be the last time OUR community allows them to attempt to build a large number of units on the site.

If they are not willing to be objective, forthcoming, honest, and open, why should any of us believe they are really going to listen to all of us and attempt to find the best solution for OUR community?

I have already heard and read from a number of individuals who are very skeptical about this new process. They fear the outcome has already been planned.

They have also commented that except for Bob Bisno, all the players from before are still in place.

Ms. Swanson can probably do well by publishing who is still in the picture and who has left. That might provide some skeptics more information that may make them less skeptical

I hope that is not the case and I am still willing to remain objective IF the Ponte Vista folks subscribe to many of the things I am asking for in this post.

Elise did not include me to be interviewed. I can understand why she didn't ask me. I get to comment any time I wish.

I have also already written my 'dream' and provided it to her. She and Mr. Oswald can easily find just about anything they might want to know about my views.

Let's hope that the Outreach Team is open enough to provide information on their site during this time and into the future.

Please don't be too optimistic or too pessimistic. Be objective for as long as you can, keeping all issues in mind.

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Wave to the fellow in the balcony, if you see him. Or just say, "Hi" in the lobby.

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Anonymous said...

i hope somebody asks mr. oswald whom he thinks he is working for. is it bisno development? or DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners?