Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Out With The Old 'Dream' And In With The New

Today I am ending my 'dream' of seeing up to 1,040-units built at Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

After much pondering about my 'dream' of seeing up to 550-Senior Housing Units, 130-Upscale Town Houses, and 400-Regular Condominiums built on the 61.53 acre site has been relegated to the files on my computers and into my memories.

Although I still consider that some senior units could be built and successfully sold at Ponte Vista, there have always been far too many obstacles to having so many total units on the site.

In place of my former 'dream' is a dream I created about two years ago that I will now consider less of a 'dream' and more of a 'demand'.

Illustrated below are superimposed illustrations of the Ponte Vista and Mary Star High School sites on a Google Earth photo.

Looking more closely, you should be able to see the illustration of a roadway between the border of Ponte Vista and Mary Star and the intersection the new road would have with Gaffey Street.

Far down in this blog's archives are other illustrations of a road to Gaffey and there are also illustrations depicting a new roadway to the 110 Freeway, complete with an on-ramp and an off-ramp.

Simply put, there is absolutely no number of total units at Ponte Vista greater than the 429 single-family, detached houses on lots of not less than 5,000 square feet that could be built at Ponte Vista at San Pedro without a second road to a major route, Gaffey Street.

Western Avenue will be hard-pressed to handle the additional traffic created by building housing according to the current zoning that has been at Ponte Vista for decades.

More than 429 units at Ponte Vista demands that a new road be constructed to allow for eastern access to both Ponte Vista and Mary Star of the Sea High School.

It is only common sense. There are already quite a few Mary Star students who approach the campus coming south along Western Avenue. It would be much easier for everyone to have both Ponte Vista and Mary Star have two-four lane routes as primary access routes.

Click over image to enlarge.

It is absolutely true that land on the Defense Fuel Supply Point would have to be used to build the new route.

The new roadbed could be elevated above the ground over the Supply Point using supporting columns, piers, and concrete pillars.

I learned years ago that both Bob Bisno and Councilwoman Janice Hahn support having a new road placed to Gaffey.

It is time to stop thinking about what can be successfully built at Ponte Vista until everyone does their very best to get a new road authorized, funded, approved of by the U.S. Navy, and built for the benefit of the entire community.

Janice, Ted, Jim, Antonio, the San Pedro and Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, the local Realty Board, elected, selected, appointed and volunteer officials all need to work together to get that road built.

The Ponte Vista Outreach Team needs to support a new road if they truly have the best interest of OUR community and new residents of Ponte Vista in their minds and hearts.

The Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council should get behind demanding the new road which would go next to ZERO houses currently within their boundaries.

CalTrans, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, the Port of Los Angeles, the city of Rancho Palos Verdes, and every other agency or government entity that is supported by taxpayers in San Pedro, Rancho Palos Verdes and Los Angeles need to support the new road.

Ted, Elise, Bob, and far too many folks are going to want 1,500 units or more at Ponte Vista. The Los Angeles Department of City Planning guidelines for up to 1,196-units also would provide far too many units for all of the Ponte Vista traffic using just Western Avenue.

Even a density bonus applied to the current R1 zoning would find too many units built with regards to added traffic along Western Avenue.

So many former supporters of Bob's plans kept stating that we all needed to understand that change occurs and that we have to live with change. Having a new road to Gaffey is certainly quite a change that OUR community must have if condos are built at Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

There are older residents living in San Pedro Highlands who have threatened to sue because of attempts to build a new road to Gaffey. Let them get in line because one thing is for certain, there will be lawsuits brought by individuals and groups should one particular side of the issue gets what others do not want.

Just read the newspapers and go online. The only other residential project in the city of Los Angeles larger than Ponte Vista, Playa Vista is continuing to deal with a second Environmental Impact Report on Phase II of that development project and lawsuits continue on Phase II issues AND problems residents are having in Phase I.

Groups and individuals may have to sue the Federal Government to get a new road built to Gaffey Street. But lawsuits would be worth it if OUR community has any chance of creating the best results for Ponte Vista and the folks dealing with Mary Star of the Sea High School.

The 'dream', 'demand', 'suggestion' or whatever, there needs to be a new road to Gaffey Street.

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