Friday, October 23, 2009

Odds and Ends 140

The Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council has published its Autumn, 2009 Newsletter and you can find it at:

Mr. John Greenwood, the former Chair of Councilwoman Janice Hahn's Community Advisory Committee has an article in the newsletter concerning Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

It is a very good update that gets us up to just about now when nothing really seems to be coming from the developers or Outreach Team.

But that is not to contend that nothing is happening. I hope to see artist's renderings of some of the new plans for the project and some more details about the number and types of units being considered in the new plan.

Autumn last until about December 21, so there is still plenty of time to read now highlights coming out from the Outreach Team.........if there are any.

The newsletter also has an informative article about the old Kinder-Morgan site and how cleanup is going.

A developer is still wishing to build 134-Patio Homes on the 11-acre site.

Just so's you know, that would be a dwelling density of about 12.18 dwelling units per gross acre.

A dwelling density of 12.18 dwellings per gross acre at Ponte Vista could allow for up to 750-units at the 61.53-acre site. That is below The Gardens which has a dwelling density of about 13.75 dwellings per acre.
The condominium units at Five Points are now for sale.

The least priced units appear to be 2-bedroom units on the intersection side of the project and the billboard lists the prices beginning in the "Low $300K" range.

Of course, the prices of units overlooking the park and lake and refuge are priced much higher.
The largest units for sale appear to have 4-bedrooms and up to 3.5 baths.
If you live in Rancho Palos Verdes or know folks who live there, please vote or encourage your friends to learn about the candidates and vote for candidates of their choice in the November 3 election.

Eastview residents provide nothing more than a miserable turnout at elections which involve our city and we can't even vote for Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District candidates.

Eastview residents need to show their might and will to try and be completely immersed in the school district where 80% of our school-age children go.

We don't have a real say and the only way to demonstrate power, will, and might is to show up in large numbers for the two City Council seats and provide precinct numbers that show to the City Council that we are a concerned group within OUR city.

That is the only way we can also demonstrate to the School District Board members that we are willing to fight to become immersed in such a great school district.

Our City Council has very little pull over what goes in the School District. But if we shout loud enough and vote in great numbers, it may show the new Council that we wish their support in our endeavours to have our tax monies pulled from LAUSD and provided to PVPUSD and to have the ability to vote in School District elections.
For more news about candidates in the upcoming election, please visit
I haven't read the sign posted in the window of the space where Amalfitano's Bakery will be. It appears from a distance that it is a legal form dealing with construction plans.

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