Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It FINALLY Happened!

Many people know that my phone number is different by one digit from the Ponte Vista at San Pedro's site office.

I got my phone number in 1998 and the trailers were wired for their phone number in 2005.

When I first learned that the two numbers were so similar, I 'knew' someone would misdial the phone number for Ponte Vista at San Pedro and get me, instead.

If finally happened at about 10:20 this morning.

A pleasant woman who allowed me to inform her of her 'first ever' was trying to reach Ms. Elise Swanson, Vice-President in charge of the Ponte Vista site and also an active member of our local Chamber of Commerce.

The woman asked to speak to Elise and she chuckled when I told her that she was the first person in over five years to try and reach Elise and have me answer my phone.

Naturally I explained the difference in our phone numbers and told her about how to reach Ms. Swanson.

Since "The Bob Years" are relegated to the bad memories/sad memories/ridiculous memories area of history, I hope everyone has much better feelings and attitudes about what might eventually become of Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

The management there is wonderful in allowing first responder training and the eco-friendly method of weed mitigation.

It is amazing that it took five years for me to experience my first mis-dial and I can only guess that those on all sides of the issues are careful and pretty darn smart!

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