Friday, September 10, 2010

Odds and Ends 185

If you have been following the most recent events in newspapers or on blogs, surrounding the two lawsuits recently heard, about ballot arguments for Measure P, The Marymount Plan, it gets more juicy,

Judge David Yaffe ruled on Wednesday that Marymount's Rebuttal of Arguments Against Measure P contained a statement he found false and misleading.

Judge Yaffe ruled that the following had to be removed from the upcoming voter information pamphlet for the November 2, Special Election:

(The passage of Measure P) "guarantees that Marymount College meets all City codes and obtains City permits with strict construction time limits , for every part of the plan."

Along with that ruling, Judge Yaffe, earlier in the hearings ruled the following to NOT be false and/or misleading as contained in the Argument Against Measure P:

"-The Initiative eliminates City oversight. The Initiative supersedes the Municipal Code making Marymount a land use island, preventing your locally elected leaders from addressing many issues that arise in the future. The City Council imposed conditions that allow the City to monitor the development and operation of the campus to avoid adverse impacts on the City's residents. The Initiative will eliminate these conditions. The Initiative largely exempts Marymount from the same rules that apply to all other landowners in Rancho Palos Verdes."

The attorney for Marymount argued that because passage of Measure P would 'amend' municipal code, it didn't necessarily supersede it. HOWEVER, that attorney, Mr. Gough acknowledged in open court that some elements of the Campus Specific Plan zone would supersede some municipal codes.

Judge Yaffe followed a quote from Thomas Jefferson that opined that open debate and discussion between people should prevail in determining what is believable on a level playing field. This basically means that we all have our First Amendment rights to say what we wish to say and to discuss issues and the factual merits of those issues.

But Marymount sent out a tri-fold mailer asking for support of Measure P with the following bullet point almost smack dab in the middle of the inside:

"Strict time limits for construction , from the city for every part of the plan."

The timing of the delivery of the mailer seems to indicate that it was probably mailed after both lawsuits were filed and that somebody at Marymount didn't consider that their position could lose in court and they didn't bother to hold off on sending it out before Judge Yaffe's rulings.

The only remedy persons have against receiving a mailer with false and misleading information carried in it is to tell others about the facts and allow them the opportunity to make up their own minds on whether to support something or oppose it.
Naturally many of us who have dealt with both Ponte Vista during "The Bob Years" and who are currently dealing with Marymount College's Project and Plan during what can now probably be called "The Michael Years" have used these times to learn and become much more educated as to what is false, misleading, deceptive, not factual, argumentative, and just plain wrong.

This is a good thing from me and others to learn more about what to look for at Marymount and whatever is in store for the Ponte Vista at San Pedro site.

I think the current management and financial team for Ponte Vista at San Pedro also have learned about the fact that more folks can sniff out the B.S. and they have actually done a few things to make better attempts at not offering B.S. and I applaud them for that.

"The Bob Years" are truly in the past, it seems. As Martha might say, "that is a good thing."
We learned that a meeting planned for more discussion concerning the U.S.S. Iowa to our harbor has been delayed.

While I do support bringing the U.S.S. Iowa here, I think you have had a chance to read about my 'better' idea on what type of Naval vessel could come to our port.
Monday the 13th could be a bit like a Friday the 13th in that this coming Monday the 13th welcomes Dodson Intermediate, Taper Avenue, Cooper Community Day, Park Western Place, Crestwood, and other LAUSD schools beginning a new term.

Traffic along Western will again be greatly affected by the opening of these schools so let's all take our calming mantras, yoga sessions, drugs, or attitudes and use them as we try to travel along Western which has seen about a 1 percent increase in traffic since September, 2009.
Those of us living in the Western View Homes neighborhood of Eastview and those using Trudie but not living in the neighborhood would like everyone attempting on leaving the parking lot for Western Plaza, especially the "millions" of good people swarming into and out of Amalfitano Bakery to use routes out of the parking lot other than the two driveways on Trudie Drive.

There are three other exits and entrances for Western Plaza including one with a signal at the intersection of the parking lot, Western Avenue, and Park Western Drive.

It is so much easier on everyone if folks choose those alternate routes rather than trying to get onto or off of Trudie Drive.

This is especially true for those attempting to exit Western Plaza then head north on Western Avenue.

There are remedies available through the city of Rancho Palos Verdes to have the entrances and exits changed and I hope we don't have to head the about 8 miles to our City Hall or the 12 miles to the Council chambers to seek legal relief to the added congestion now found at the intersection of Trudie and Western.

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