Friday, October 29, 2010

Odds and Ends 192

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I think it is important to demonstrate resolve to get the tanks moved.
There are places they can have their contents moved to and if the steel is not moved, it should be recycled for use in many different things.
I also think it is important for the good folks representing Ponte Vista at San Pedro to also become involved with getting the tanks moved.
They could show a real civic support and it would be a good marketing move that would show they are all concerned with the health and safety of all those who may eventually move into what might be built at Ponte Vista.
The numbers of units in each product type that now would make up 1,135 total units remains very troubling to me and others, I am finding out.
I do think we all need to sit in the dugout to learn as much as we can prior to the November 29 deadline for comments on the Notice of Preparation and Initial Study.
I can feel there will be some stiff opposition to some of the units being considered for development and I can see that having such a large percentage of units that could or would be rentals or leases makes what I was hoping to find a somewhat trouble-free discussion and debate period, now looking more like a period of hot debate and difficult discussions.
I think what we have with this latest plan is a carrot and stick approach of a carrot and stick plan.
Offering up to 143 SFR, detached units and then stating that 392 of the 1,135-total unit count would be 'apartment flats' suggests that the development team is using the detached houses as the carrot for the 392 'sticks' of apartment flats. And that's not even counting the other condominium building of four-stories.
But the overall carrot and stick plan could be that should too much opposition to the current development plans emerge, the developers may pull all their sticks out and head for offering up to 20% of the units for "low income" owners or renters and then applying for the almost certain approval of a density bonus that could add up to a total of about 1,532-total units, with at least 33% of those units being rentals or leases.
It could be that the housing market determines what, if anything will get approved, according to the current plans.
The developers have to gain a huge sum of money unless they allow the land to go back into the hands of the primary and secondary lenders.
Sunday is Halloween and Western Avenue will get even spookier than it normally is during the evening.
Please remain careful and take it from me, you don't want to be walking along the Avenue carrying uncooked eggs in your shirt pockets.
The vote on Measure P is Tuesday, finally.
The facts are now available for everyone to view and one of the facts contained in the measure is that a new library, maintenance building, athletic facility, residential halls, and a gallery "MAY" be built on the campus of Marymount College, but any or all of them may NOT get built, according to the actual language of Measure P.
If you have suffered with all the "Yes on P" mailers that contain factually misleading information, rest assured, we are only about to end the beginning of the saga and fiasco and a population of somewhat affluent residents (I am definitely not affluent) can do wonders should they not get what they want during Tuesday's election outcome reporting.

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Jim said...

Most people think 1135 is over twice as many homes that should be built, four stories is two stories too many, and 392 rentals is about 392 too many. In other words, this latest plan stinks like all the others.

This so called new team is after the same thing as the last. Acting like they care about the community is no reason to believe that they do. I don't trust them.

All of this mess could have been so easily avoided in the first place if Janice Hahn had got off the fence and suported the community that elected her. All she would have had to do was put her foot down and make it clear that she would do what ever it took to keep the zoning as it is, which is R-1.

If that had happened, the houses would have already been built and sold. It appears this new team has not learned from the mistakes of the last team.