Friday, November 05, 2010

Odds and Ends 193

We have been informed that the Email address to send in your comments to the Notice of Preparation was incorrect.

The correct Email address is:
This is what has been consuming all my waking hours and some of my dream time this past week:

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Our production of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers will star Ms. Kristin Towers-Rowles, the granddaughter of the late Ms. Kathryn Grayson.

The cast is fantastic, if I write so, myself and the role of "The Preacher" is played by a fellow who was last seen onstage as "The Dominee", another cleric part.

This production can be enjoyed by the entire family and I hope to see you before a performance as I greet you in my costume, probably holding a Bible.

Incidentally, there is a free performance at Noon on Thursday November 11 for folks like me who are 55 year's of age or better.
The Scoping Meeting is still planned for Wednesday November 10, 2011 inside the Peck Park Community Center's auditorium/gym/big and stuffy room.

It is an important meeting for all of you who are interested in learning more about the newest plans unveiled in more detail last week.

If you haven't been through any of the "rounds" during "The Bob Years" and want to know more about the California Environmental Quality Act, (CEQA) and how the processes should work beginning with this meeting and potentially ending with a vote by the members of the Los Angeles City Council granting or not granting approval of plans via a new municipal code that includes zoning changes, this meeting is even more important for you to attend.

This meeting is also the physical event in conjunction with the creation of comments by you and others to the Notice of Preparation which is probably online now and you will get more specific addresses to view or download the document, this coming Wednesday.

Historically, the Notice of Preparation and other CEQA documents can be viewed at the public library.

If I don't post a link to a site where you can read and even download a copy of the Notice of Preparation, please remind me sometime early Thursday morning.
I hope Councilwoman Janice Hahn attends the meeting and provides for all of us her initial views on the new plans with its 392 'apartment flats' and other types of condominiums and apartment flats.

I also hope to find supporters and opponents learning more about the plans so we can find better common ground to discuss all of the issues using much better forms of education and communication that we all suffered through during "The Bob Years."
I have nothing official or unofficial to report with regards to R Neighborhoods Are 1, at this time.

Whether I begin again posting on my in the near future remains to be seen and determined by me.

Please stay tuned.
I've written all that I wish to write about my personal views on the newest plans, until I get much more education on more of the elements of the plans to construct 1,135 total units at Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

If anyone reading this blog is new to the issues or wish to learn more about the plans, you are welcome to Email me at: or at the address listed at the top of this blog.

You should be able to also gather educational resources by visiting the one Web site for Ponte Vista I know is up and running.

You can get information at
We "fall back" this Saturday evening/early Sunday morning.

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