Saturday, September 29, 2007

Doug Epperhart's Column

Doug Epperhart had a funny and very informative column in the Saturday September 29 edition of More San Pedro in the Daily Breeze. Here is the link below:

I liked his "B.S. Bingo" for meetings. I know I will feel constrained if folks use "Ponte Vista", "Bob Bisno", and "over development", but I feel confident that "Bob's blight", "monstrously over-sized project" and "future apartments" might get through meetings.

Another part of Doug's piece dealt with exactly why the great folks supporting Eastview Little League did what they did when offered diamonds by Bob Bisno. I have decided to copy this section of Doug's piece, and I hope he doesn't mind because it is so important.

"In July 2006, Molina asked Eastview why the deal between Bisno Development and the league did not work out. The reply from league president David Stanovich follows:

"We have backed off on the Bisno site because of his insistence on us signing an official contract with him to exclusively back his project of 2,300 condos. In this contract, it states we will no longer look for alternative sites for our junior/senior fields.

"Another reason is his unwillingness to deed the land to the city or Eastview before his project receives all of its permits to build. To rely on a temporary site and the hope he builds his project is too much of a risk to put all of our fields in his hands.

"His timetable for permanent fields is 2008-2009 if he gets approval from the city. He will only build the fields if he gets a zoning change to R3. As you told us in the meeting, that is not likely to happen. So, Bisno as an option is not looking real good, even for the junior field.

"As we told you in the past, he is not happy that he received 17 cards in favor of his project, out of 570 from the parents of Eastview. In his own words, he is not getting his money's worth out of the league.

"If you need any further explanations, let me know. We have told him from the beginning we will support anything he gets approved from the city. Never once have we said we support 2,300 condos.""

Indecently 17 out of 570 cards equals about 2.9% approval rating for Bob's original plans.

I can imagine about 3% of the total population of OUR community really supporting Bob's current plans.

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