Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Odds and Ends 31....Finally!

Howdy folks, I'm back.

First, thank you so much to all of you who wished me well. Endoscopic Core Decompression Osteotomy of the right hip is not only nothing to sneeze at, but I think sneezing right now would hurt quite a bit.

The surgeon will be able to tell if the bone graft took, in a couple of months and then all we have to do is see if the left hip needs the same operation. Getting old is not as much fun as I hoped it would be.

Bob Bisno now longer owns Lincoln Place in Santa Monica. When he did own it, before he sold off the rest of his interest to the largest rental company in the country, he worked on trying to transform the apartments into condos.

The methods Bob and the subsequent company used was found to be illegal, according to a recent judgement by a Federal District Court.

Bob started the process, according to some of his supporters by tearing out the existing plants and creating a blighted complex in order to redo it as a marketing tool for the future condos.

I don't know what will happen to those evicted from his then-rent controlled complex, before he sold his interest, but it will be interesting to watch.

I received a very funny "comic" book while I was in the hospital. It turned out to be the September 2007 Ponte Vista at San Pedro newsletter.

Bob, or his agents spend a great deal of space objecting to keeping the site as it is currently zoned, and he does include some of the amenities he is promising. I think it is high time that if he can't defend his plans without continued attacking the current zoning and it's supporters, then he continues to show all of us how failed and poor his plans currently are.

On the back page of the "comic" newsletter is a picture of a wonderful family consisting of a mom, a dad, and three young children. Everyone in the picture, except the baby is smiling.
The caption identifies the Woodwards and San Pedro residents and teachers in the Palos Verdes Unified School District.

Now one might think that these smiling school teachers will be wanting a new home at Ponte Vista. Well, by reading further along we will find that the Woodwards want their parents to move from Palm Springs to Ponte Vista to spend more time with their grandchildren.

And wouldn't you know it, Paul and Jennifer Woodward "strongly believe that Ponte Vista will provide opportunities for first-time buyers and working families to afford new, quality homes."

Nowhere in the caption do we find any mention whether the Woodwards would ever wish to, or could even afford to move their five-member family into Ponte Vista. But their Parents, now living in the remote, desolate desert area known at Palm Springs, might be able to buy a senior condo at Ponte Vista. What might grandpa think when he learns that the big green lawn across Western Avenue is not a golf course?

Again in the newsletter, we find reference to "smart traffic solutions." This is a term that is used to confuse many people into thinking that Ponte Vista falls under any "Smart Growth" plan in the greater L.A. area. Please do not be confused. Ponte Vista at San Pedro can not qualify under the terms of "Smart Growth" The traffic and transportation issues no where near qualify Ponte Vista in just about every category. If you ever read or hear the words "Smart Growth" in conjunction with Ponte Vista, you are being deliberately miss led.

Ponte Vista folks will use terms like smart traffic, smart construction, smart planning, smart building, smart transportation, but none of those terms actually deal with the Smart Growth policies, practices, and qualifications.

Ponte Vista claims that they have received "more than 20,185 signatures to date!" Please understand that every single signature was gathered, processed, or otherwise dealt with by at least one person getting paid by the developer or his agent(s).

You may also find their method of calculation a bit strange when you read their list of advisory board members. Not only do the names of the leaders of the various groups appear at the top of each list, their names are repeated again in the regular list of members. There is also a new co-chair of the Advisory Board(s). It appears that Sandy Bradley has replaced Louis Dominguez as co-chair. I don't know if Ms. Bradley lives in San Pedro, but Ms. Viramontes lives in Rancho Palos Verdes.

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