Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tri-Art Festival, Please visit.

The Tri-Art Festival, Exhibition, and Car Show is going on in downtown San Pedro this weekend from 10:00 A.M.

I arrived at the site on Mesa between 7Th. Street and 6Th. Street and took the first photograph about 3-1/2 hours after the Festival began.

This Festival has Ponte Vista as a major sponsor and I was told to "be nice" by an unnamed individual who knows me and knows a great deal about Ponte Vista.

I do wish to "be nice" because I like art and like the idea that San Pedro is a town that is friendly to artists and appreciate art of all kinds.

I have visited the Web site for the Festival at and read that there would be crowds of artists and others visiting the site.

I have decided to let readers of this post fill in the blanks dealing with what they think of the Festival.

This is a photograph of the main artists' tents for the Festival. Looking at the picture we can tell that the crowds were ______________.

Also there are ________artists showing their art and all some of the tents are _________.

This is a photograph of _________ classic cars along 7Th. Street between Mesa and Centre. The number of cars __________ the street.

The single most number of model types at the show consisted of Ford Pintos, I kid you not. The shiny Pinto on the right of the picture is covered in small square mirrors and that is very _______.

This picture was shot almost 4 hours after the beginning of the Festival and you can tell that the number of folks looking at the Car Show was ______________.

I liked the mirrored Pinto so much I took a picture of myself in the reflection of the mirrors. That was the _________________ aspect of the Festival.

The promoters of the Festival indicated on their Web site that their would be shuttle buses from various locations, including the Ponte Vista site, do to the expected crowds. This last photo is of the parking lot on 7Th. Street, just below Pacific Avenue. You can tell by this photo taken 4 hours after the beginning of the Festival that the parking lot is _______________.

In truth, I enjoyed my visit to the Festival and I bought a piece of art there. I also visited the gallery at 339 W. 7Th. Street and looked again at the display of photographs by Mr. John Stinson.

One of the problems with this particular Tri-Art Festival is that it is slated to run on the second weekend of the month, but First Thursday this month was just two days prior to the Festival. That may have had something to do with the ___________ turnout.

It seems to be a funny thing that a Festival sponsored by Ponte Vista had the most representation in the Car Show by Pintos. Perhaps Bob might want to consider changing the name of his project to "Pinto Vista" considering the number of Pintos in one place, at the same time, in the Town of San Pedro.


Anonymous said...

I went to park in the lot on Mesa between 5th and 6th but the signs said only shop owners could park there (there were about 8 cars and 4 or 5 porta-potties in the lot only!) The sign said public parking was at 7th and Beacon...well guess what people? There's NO FUCKIN' PUBLIC PARKING at 7th and Beacon!!! I left.

M Richards said...

I'm sorry anonymous 6:05 PM, but I didn't see the sign and the parking lot was so empty. I also got to park in the space with the blue sign because I have the temporary handicap placard on my mirror.

The tent that I saw on 7Th Street didn't have and humans sitting underneath it, so I took my chances.

When I was at the site I saw available parking spaces on several of the streets in the area and they didn't have any no parking signs.

Thanks for trying, though.

Anonymous said...

I went to the festival on Sunday thinking I would have trouble parking due to the crowds. I was surprised and sad that it was so deserted . . . I didn't realize Ponte Vista was a sponsor. Maybe that was the problem? What I saw was some great art however.

Anonymous said...

I was an art vendor on both days of the festival, on this, its first year of what will hopefully become an annual event. Yes, the festival could have benefitted from better attendance by all the San Pedro art lovers in this town, but it is also in its infancy and was competing with several other festivals around the area.

Given that this was the first year for this ART-ONLY festival, our sales were fairly successful and we hope to participate in the coming years. Please don't jeopardize the future of this or any ART promoting events by bashing it in your blog about its debut weekend attendance. Such comments only serve to ensure its failure in the future and is only of disservice to the artistic community that San Pedro is trying so hard to develop.

Lastly, Ponte Vista was not an obvious sponsor since there were no signs or mention of them at the festival. If they did sponsor the event, this can only be viewed as a positive move on their part, since it demonstrates their willingness to be supportive of the art community in San Pedro.

Please don't bash the efforts of community events.

A San Pedro Artist

M Richards said...

Thanks San Pedro Artist.

I think I left the blank spots on the post because I wanted to let folks judge for themselves and fill in the blanks.

Not only did I visit the Festival, I purshased a piece from a local artist.

I have also been having an Email discussion with another local artist and my thoughts are that the Festival could be held on the third of fourth weekend of the month so as to not ever conflict with First Thursdays and try to create a weekend where the Festival is joined by the local galleries and even Angel's Gate to create a whole town's worth of art experiences.

I have been told that some folks wouldn't like that idea, but if there is a large enough wish to support art throughout San Pedro, perhaps folks could be more inclusive than exclusive.

You are correct that Ponte Vista did not put a big imprint on the Festival and I appreciate that. I do hope there will be future Fesitvals and I would be quite willing to attend them.

I will continue to support the Festival now that I have actually seen it, and I hope to inform folks when the next one comes around so that there can be the turnout that Joe C. had hoped for.

Anonymous said...

This festival suffered from a lack of publicity. Promotion is the key and the apparent lack of it showed.

Hopefully the lesson is learned and the show will go on next year with the media really being alerted.

This was not a great start. Nice try, but definitely no cigar. As an artist, I do want art events in San Pedro to succeed.

Anonymous said...

this is nothing than a cheap ploy to buy support from a group by putting up a few tarps a year. has bob offered any accomodations to help out artists who are being pushed out of angels gate? i haven't heard's not like he doesn't have any money or land. he's going to build seaport phase two 3000 high density apartments which will destroy the area and eventually turn into a ghetto. i have called the city about the blight he's created, but didn't get very far. 20 years the property is empty and it looked fine, now bob owns it and it looks like trash. bob and his tactics suck and are easy to see right through. baseball diamonds,then no baseball diamonds. dog park, then no dog park. massive need for senior housing. right. i think it's time to move this fight up to the city council so they can tell people where they stand on this issue. based on playa vista II, home depot, etc, etc. they are not to be trusted one ioita. the navy sucks. why didn't they just sell off the homes a long time ago? now look at this mess we're in, ollie.