Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What is Bob Up To?

An individual from the Ponte Vista Outreach Team replied to an Email stating that my name will be removed from lists that have my Email address on them and dealing with support or general information about Ponte Vista.

Since I am still getting Emails from Ponte Vista, I thought it would be good to place the item I got on this blog.

Folks may wish to contact Ponte Vista and have their names removed from any Emails list, and supporter lists, which may also be Email lists, but you may want to do it soon because I was informed that their lists will be updated in early June, according to the Outreach Team member.

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Bob seems to be throwing money around like he really thinks he will get whatever he wants at Ponte Vista.

NOTHING HAS BEEN DECIDED OR VOTED ON, so far as City Government is concerned, for whatever might be built at Ponte Vista.

In fact, we may be months to even a year or so away from knowing what ordinances are finally passed for Ponte Vista (just my opinion) and there is still no living human being on this planet or orbiting this planet who knows what may finally be built at Ponte Vista.

With print ads, television ads, sponsorship of events, I am still wondering what Bob is doing at this particular time.

I can still imagine that he is trying to gain support and prospective buyers before the comments to the Draft Environmental Impact Report is issued, if they are going to be separate from the Final Environmental Impact Report that may be a long, long time coming.

Everyone needs to be reminded that once 'entitlements' are granted for whatever Bob could build at Ponte Vista, he will most probably have the right to sell those 'entitlements' and chop up the property as he wishes to.

There continues to be absolutely no guarantee that Bob Bisno and his company will built anything new at Ponte Vista, no matter what he writes, says, or advertises.

Opponents to Bob's current plans for Ponte Vista know that the ONLY type of housing anyone can build at Ponte Vista, without a zoning change is single-family housing, like most of the housing in San Pedro and R.P.V..

Might Bob be spending all the money right now and then declaring bankruptcy on this particular project?

Do you think Bob will attract more support and prospective buyers he MIGHT be truly seeking now?

Do you think Bob and his Outreach Team is trying to speed things up so he can do whatever he is considering as soon as possible?

Should current supporters and prospective buyers of Bob's current plans be wary of these newer attempts to gather more support and more prospective buyers?

What were the results of any latest telephone survey that may have been conducted? Bob had a press conference/meeting on the release of an earlier survey. Could these new ads and things be a result of a more negative survey than the earlier one?

How might the issues of Ponte Vista be hurting or helping Bob's City Place project and his efforts to use eminent domain in Baldwin Park to redevelop the civic center area, there?

I do need to thank Bob and his companies and Outreach Team for helping to make a very dull time into something more interesting for all of us to ponder on.

As Bob is attempting to gain more support for Ponte Vista, I hope readers of this blog and the blog at:, understand that the opposition to Bob's current plans has not eroded much over time, it is believed.

The L.A. City Planning Department, Councilwoman Janice Hahn and her assistants, the Rudderless Steering Committee of R Neighborhoods Are 1, four out of five Neighborhood Councils, and thousands of folks have not forgotten about Ponte Vista, and I hope you keep visiting the two blogs that deal with opposition to Bob's current plans, now and well into the future.


Anonymous said...

It just absolutely make my stomach turn to see the little Ponte Vista logo associated with ANY San Pedro community related activities.

A comment on this "Summer in San Pedro" stuff:
I posted a comment a while back making a statement about Hot Pedro Nites. I said it would be ruined as a result of the chamber of commerce running the show. In the latest issue of SPM I saw that it will cost $40 to cruise your car down Pacific!!!! $50 if you register late!!! They are also limiting it to cars pre-1975 or something. That's what cruising in San Pedro is/was about? This is what happens when you let people whose ONLY motivation is money take over. Then I see Ponte Vista as the sponsor of the Doo Wop concert and party. All to help Clean San Pedro...what a bunch of BS. Although I want to believe his inital intentions were great with old school San Pedro in mind, Kleinjan sold out! I hope it fails miserably this year.
The last 2 cruise nights were the best though. I hadn't seen so much fun in San Pedro in a long long time. Oh well kiss it goodbye.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand "Clean San Pedro" charging for the cruise night...Clean San Pedro did not make a dime on the "cruise hot night" last year but had a ton of clean up! Many GOOD San Pedrans worked months on the 3-night event and realized a profit not worthy of all their efforts. The cruise night was a blast, but shouldn't Clean San Pedro make something for their work (mostly the clean up they were left with after the cruise)? Bisno did discover another hungry group and baited them perfectly.
Who out there has sent a donation to Clean San Pedro?? If we had then they wouldn't need Bisno. WE failed the generous, hard working Kleinjan & Co. (though he & Mrs. K have been quiet supporters of Bisno from the get-go).
As much as I loved the Doo Wop I refuse to go this year because of Bisno's presence.
What I cannot understand is how STUPID Ponte Vista supporters are. Are they so blind to not see that NO developer GIVES MONEY AWAY SEDUCING FOLLOWERS unless he can't get them on his own good merits, that is,without money(root of all evil)? I know - poor grammer, just can't figure how to word the idiosy of Bisno followers!
The notice of the public hearing refers to a Ponte Vista group - LLC? How do we find out the "investors" in his company that make up this group? Wonder if we've seen their faces in the recent rush of ads in the Daily Breeze?