Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wondering Why So Many Ads and Sponsorships

IF, as Bob's folks seem to claim, there are so many supporters of Bob's current plans for Ponte Vista and IF, there are so many "prospective buyers" willing to buy a condo at Ponte Vista, why is Bob and his Outreach Team spending so much money attempting to attract more business?

Not only are we again seeing full-page print ads for Ponte Vista, the commercial is now appearing and 'Ponte Vista' is sponsoring many activities around OUR community.

Now aren't we in a real housing slump right now?

I wonder if Bob is attempting to add to his bases of support so that when the Planning Departments comes out with a much lower number of units they feel Bob could build, he will have a larger base to use when and if he tries to sue for a larger project than what might eventually be approved of.

Bob's folks may be as clueless as to when the Planning Department will come out with their thoughts and he may be trying to increase the numbers in an effort to pressure the Planning Department to come out with higher numbers of units than they might actually wish to do.

Bob seems to be spending lots of marketing money at this time when other developments are either having great financial difficulties, or they have gone from 'for purchase' units to 'least-to-own' or 'rent-to-own' types of projects.

Does anybody detect any desperation on the part of Bob and his Outreach Team, concerning the true support for his plans for 1,950 condos?

I am certainly not savvy enough to be able to answer the question, but I know of other developers and others in the real estate industry who may know the answer.

Perhaps it is time for R Neighborhoods Are 1 to remind folks why so many of us are against having so dang many units built, having only Western Avenue for use.

It might be time to remind everyone that over crowding of schools, shopping areas, parking lots, infrastructure needs, and just about everything else that is bad about having a 'weapon of mass development' the size of what Bob currently wants, would be disastrous to OUR community.

I think it is time I write to the rest of the members of the Rudderless Steering Committee and try and get another demonstration set up to remind all of us why we are doing what we are doing.

We haven't had a great honking, waving, and sign-showing demonstration in quite a long time, and perhaps we can get even more folks to join us.

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