Friday, April 03, 2009

Odds and Ends 111

I begin this post with comments from

"The development team has reduced the number of homes at the Ponte Vista residential community from 1,950 homes to 1,395 homes. The unit reduction is in response to comments received by both the Planning Department and various members of the community, who believe that a lower density development will be more in keeping with the surrounding community. In the new land use concept for Ponte Vista, two-thirds of the site will be townhomes that reflect an updated version of the popular Gardens community on Westmont in San Pedro."

Now, let me comment about "...two-thirds of the site will be townhomes that reflect an updated version of the popular Gardens community on Westmont in San Pedro."

Golly! Haven't I been considering that Ponte Vista should be built with the equivalent dwelling density of The Gardens for a bit now?

With residents of The Gardens having better access to Gaffey and the rest of San Pedro than residents of Ponte Vista would have, why not build out Ponte Vista with just 831-units to be equal in dwelling density as The Gardens?

Now even the developer and the Outreach Team are agreeing that The Gardens community is popular.

Still, it too almost four years for the team to get some kind of clue.

1,395-units is still too many units and the Planning Department set up guidelines that the developer and the Outreach Team simply ignored.

The guidelines stated up to 885-units in a non-density bonus project.

The Applicant wants 158% of that guideline.

The guidelines stated that no segregated Senior Housing for the project.

The Applicant wants 27% of the units to be for segregated Senior Housing.

The guidelines stated that only two access points be allowed for Ponte Vista.

The Applicant still wants 33% more access points than the guidelines called for.

Is the Applicant arrogant or ignorant? Our community has spoken and it has been backed up by the Los Angeles Planning Department. Maybe the Applicant believes we are all arrogant or ignorant.

The Daily Breeze brought news on April 2 that Vue is now another hybrid project.

Units once proposed for sale are now proposed for lease.

Our economy will be much different when Ponte Vista is built out. But at Ponte Vista there will always be the real probability that units there will also become leased or rented out.

This is the last "Odds and Ends" before April 9.

I called both Councilwoman Hahn's office and the Ponte Vista Outreach Team to find out if either entity would provide bus transportation to downtown L.A.

As of the writing of this post I haven't heard from either office.

Folks interested in attending the Los Angeles Planning Commission meeting when it may vote on the issues regarding Ponte Vista are encouraged to find ways to get to City Hall in downtown Los Angeles.

It looks more like the proposed 380-units of Senior Housing is more of a marketing tool than something the Applicant really wants to provide.

A great number of comments received during the two recent Open Houses were from seniors who continue to want that segregated type of housing at Ponte Vista.

Many of us wonder how much community support for Ponte Vista would still be seen if the Senior Housing component disappeared.

Some members of OUR community have suggested that if the Senior Housing went away, there would be almost no support by members of OUR community for a large residential project in northwest San Pedro.

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