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Planning Commission Information Update

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The following is from the body of an Email sent out to a large number of folks.

"The day of reckoning for Ponte Vista is fast approaching. Thursday, April 9 the Los Angeles City Planning Commission will consider this item. We need everyone who possibly can to attend the meeting and we need your help in getting the word out. A new flier is attached.

In spite of our requests, the Commission Meeting is being held in downtown Los Angeles, City Council Chambers, third floor, City Hall, 200 N. Spring Street. The meeting is scheduled for 8:30 am. Ponte Vista is the first item on the agenda.

The Council Office will arrange for free parking underneath City Hall East for anyone who phones their office before Tue, April 7. You will need to provide your care make, model, and licence plate number. The entrance to the parking is from Los Angeles Street. It is the second entrance, (the first one is marked Public Parking). When you get there, you will need to check in a the kiosk before entering the parking lot. If you are driving and have room for other passengers, please let me know. If you need a ride, please let me know- we will try to match folks up. Plan on arriving at City Hall early, you will probably need to wait in line to go through security. Be sure everyone in your car has some sort of photo ID with them.

What is the Latest? The developer has revised the proposal to approximately 1400 units which is twice as dense as the Gardens. Specific details of the proposal have not been worked out. We anticipate that the developers will ask for feedback from the Commission on the plan and will also ask for a continuance. We plan to oppose any continuance and ask that the staff recommendation to deny the project be adopted, thus requiring the developer to submit a new application and go through all of the public review that a new application would require. We also need to testify as to why 1400 units is still too many.

What can you do to help? Plan on attending the hearing and WEAR RED, forward this message to everyone you know feels strongly about opposing this project, print out the flier and distribute to your friends & neighbors or pick up copies of the flier from 1064 Via La Paz, call people you think might attend with a little encouragement, send your comments to and Put CPC 2006-8043 GPA-ZC-SP-DA in the subject line."

How many developers does it take to understand the word, "NO".

Both Bob and apparently Ted Fentin have problems understanding such a simple word.

The Planning Department has told both developers "NO" to their wishes.

Many members of OUR community have repeated "NO" in terms of having a giant project in northwest San Pedro.

If the developers and remaining team members want to hear "YES" let's allow them to learn.

YES to starting over! Since they aren't willing to listen and learn enough, let's allow them to begin again to create a project OUR community can live with.

YES to keeping the current zoning the way it is if the development team and the equity fund members continue to stonewall.

YES to the idea that Ponte Vista should probably have the same density as The Gardens. If the current crew proposing Ponte Vista hasn't been willing to really work, we can show them all how to successfully build no more than 831 town house condominiums and conserve equality.

Yes to allowing for two options; R1 or up to 831-town houses.

Yes to bringing OUR community back together.

But first and foremost on April 9, its Start Over!

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Anonymous said...

Los Angeles City Planning Commission Agenda

THURSDAY, APRIL 9, 2009, 8:30 A.M.

Item 4

CEQA: ENV-2005-4516-EIR
Plan: Wilmington-Harbor City
Related Case: VTT-63399
Council District: 15
Expiration Date: 04-09-09 Extended
Appeal Status: ZC is appealable to
City Council by applicant, if
disapproved in whole or in part

PUBLIC HEARING – Completed on June 26, 2008

26900 S. Western Avenue

Requested Action:

1. Pursuant to Section 11.5.6 of the Municipal Code, a General Plan Amendment. to the Wilmington-Harbor City Community Plan Hrom “Low Residential” and “Open Space” to “Medium” Density Residential land use.

2. Pursuant to Section 12.32 of the Municipal Code, a Zone Change from the existing R1-1XL and OS-1XL to a new Specific Plan Zone created as part of this action. (Ponte Vista at San Pedro Specific Plan)

3. Pursuant to Section 12.32 of the Municipal Code, the establishment of the Ponte Vista at San Pedro Specific Plan for the proposed Project.

4. Pursuant to Section 65864-65869.5 of the California Government Code and City
implementing procedures, a Development Agreement between BDC Ponte Vista Partners LLC and the City of Los Angeles. The Development Agreement is intended to provide reasonable assurances to the Applicant with respect to his ability to implement proposed Project approvals while providing the City with Public Benefits. The term length for the proposed Development Agreement is 25 years.

5. Pursuant to Section 2108 2.1(C)(3) Certification of ENV-2005-4516-EIR as the Environmental Impact Report for the above referenced Project, and Adoption of the
Mitigation Monitoring Program and the required findings for the adoption of the EIR, and Adoption of a Statement of Overriding Considerations setting forth the reasons and benefits of adopting the EIR with full knowledge that significant impacts may remain.

Proposed Project:

Establishment of a Specific Plan for approximately 61.5 gross acres to allow demolition and removal of 245 residential units, a community center, and commercial building (all a part of former U.S. Navy housing) for the new construction of 1,950 residential units and 10,000 square feet of commercial space. The proposed Specific Plan residential component would be comprised of 1,000 condominium units, 100 townhomes and 850 senior condominium units (age restricted to those 55 and older). Building heights would vary from three to four stories or from 50-65feet. Subterranean and semi-subterranean parking for residents and guests would be provided below the residential buildings and guest parking would also be available along the interior streets. An approximately six-acre public park is also being proposed.

Applicant: Bisno Development Company
Representative: Allan Abshez

Recommended Action:

1. Disapprove a General Plan Amendment to the Wilmington-Harbor City Community Plan from “Low Residential” and “Open Space” to “Medium” Density Residential land use.

2. Disapprove a Zone Change from the existing R1-1XL and OS-1XL to a Specific Plan Zone proposed to be created as part of this action.

3. Disapprove the establishment of the Ponte Vista at San Pedro Specific Plan proposed to be created as part of this action.

4. Disapprove a Development Agreement between BDC Ponte Vista Partners LLC and the City of Los Angeles.

5. Not Certify Environmental Impact Report ENV-2005-4516-EIR, Not Adopt a Statement of Overriding Considerations, and Disapprove the Mitigation Monitoring Program.

Staff: David Olivo, (213) 978-1197

City Planning Agenda

William Roschen, President
Regina M. Freer, Vice President
Sean O. Burton, Commissioner
Diego Cardoso, Commissioner
Robin R. Hughes, Commissioner
Fr. Spencer T. Kezios, Commissioner
Ricardo Lara, Commissioner
Cindy MontaƱez, Commissioner
Michael K. Woo, Commissioner

James Williams, Commission Executive Assistant I

S. Gail Goldberg, Director
Vincent P. Bertoni, Deputy Director
John M. Dugan, Deputy Director
Eva Yuan-McDaniel, Deputy Director