Friday, April 24, 2009

Odds and Ends 114

It's been fairly quiet this week on the Western Front.

It seems Mr. Ted Fentin, the Developer has been in N.Y.C. for meetings.

Mr. David Olivo the planner with the Los Angeles City Planning Department is waiting on items to come to him from the Development Team so the next phases of the EIR can begin.
_____________________________________________ has a new post you may want to read. It is the Development's Blog.

Many of us are reeling over the news that Union War Surplus may close. Most of us could not care less that the Starbuck's at Centre Streets Lofts will also become history.

For all the folks who really believe change is good may want to rethink things a bit.

Change occurs. 

Maybe we need to consider 'Workforce Housing' at Ponte Vista more. Is that type of housing only going to be marketed for the 143 units that will be priced to be the lowest at the project?

Or is it housing in the 'Multi-family condos" being considered? Should the Developer market any Senior Housing as 'Workforce Housing'?

I do fee everyone who has an opinion about Ponte Vista should call or write to the Outreach Team with their views.
____________________________________________ has my recent post about the 2010 Census. I have been hired as a replacement Quality Control Enumerator. I received the training but I may or may not actually do any more work as an Enumerator.

There are opportunities for work with the U.S. Census continuing until about September, 2010.

Will the work closing one southbound lane along Western near Avenida Aprenda ever be finished?

Maybe we are being trained to accept whatever the Sanitation District has in mind with their new Outfall System ideas.

Just kidding perhaps.

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