Friday, May 08, 2009

Odds and Ends 116 Late Update!

This update came via U.S. Mail on Friday.

I received copies of documentation sent by the Los Angeles City Planning Commission.

The documents represented the outcome of the appeal that the developer filed after the members of the Planning Commission voted to deny the application, vesting tract map and other things related to the Ponte Vista at San Pedro project.

It was not only natural but completely expected that the Applicant would appeal the Planning Commissioners votes.

It was also expected that the appeals would be denied.

The denial of the appeals were sustained.

All of this doesn't really mean even a mound of beans because the new development team already began new ideas for the project.

All of the above really means is that "The Bisno Years" are over! It means we all can get working together with new leadership and new visions to provide the best project for OUR community.

With the news of the ouster of Bob's attorney Alan Abshez from the project, we might wonder who else from the "Bisno years" team may need to find new endeavors.

I have been very busy with "Upton Sinclair's Singing Jailbirds, the Musical" and I haven't had my thoughts dealing much lately with Ponte Vista.

I did notice that some of the yards are continuing to be weeded and we are thankful for that.

Please visit to learn about the production beginning in two weeks at the historic Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro.

Other development news in the area concerns the developer of the Terranea project along the coast and his project of attempting to hold back Rancho Palos Verdes bed tax revenues once the place opens for business.

Mr. Lowe wants to hold back 8 Million Dollars of tax revenue that city would collect. This is a hot button issue in R.P.V and the May 26 meeting of the City Council should be filled beyond overflowing.

A downtown L.A. hotel developer has managed to get an agreement from the city of L.A. to hold back bed taxes for twenty years.

The LaSalle project in downtown San Pedro in now open and looking for new residents. It is still a dismal market so folks are watching all the developments in the area to see if they can attract buyers or folks willing to sign leases.

As far as the addition of the new environmental attorney onto the Ponte Vista team, while it looks to be a wonderful thing, I am not going to retreat from my idea that the project's dwelling density should be equal to The Gardens. I'm still looking for reasons why that is such a bad idea.

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