Monday, May 04, 2009

A Wonderful and Possitive Addition for OUR Community!

Mr. Ted Fentin has done some good things recently that are very encouraging.

I do have to repeat though that I still find 1,395 units too many for the project.

The development team is moving forward in a very positive way now that should benefit everyone in OUR community. Except for those who continue to demand R1 as the only way to go.

Alan Abshez, the long time Bisno attorney who was part of the transition and continued for some time, is gone! The more everyone moves away from "The Bisno Years" the better.

Now on board is Ms. Patti Tubert. She is a retired L.A. City Attorney who specializes in environmental matters.

Mr. Pat Nave, a strong member of R Neighborhoods Are 1 spent some time talking with Ms. Tubert, who he as known for some time.

Pat reported that he is very pleased with Ms. Tubert coming on board and that she is someone that understands and can work well with OUR community.

Pat believes we can rely on Ms. Tubert's "integrity and judgement".

The timeline for going forward is still in flux as Ms. Tubert comes onboard.

Ponte Vista has also hired another environmental person.

I think we all have a much better opportunity to work along with the Ponte Vista team rather than continuing to fight or challenge them.

There will be time to deal with specific numbers in the future. But it looks like we are all going to have more input into the new environmental studies for the project.

After too many years of fighting, working together to provide the best outcome for OUR community including Ponte Vista is looking brighter and brighter, I feel.

But as I continue to write, 1,395-units is still far too many.

Thank you very much Ted, Tim, and the Outreach Team. 


Anonymous said...

so, has anybody figured out how much bisno got to take ahike?

M Richards said...

Well, there are some who believe Bob put between $5 to 8 Million up in the beginning that he may have been paid back by the Ponte Vista Partners Equity Fund.

I wonder how much it took the Equity Fund to rid itself of Mr. Abshez' contract.

One thing that would be interesting to find out is who the residents of OUR community are that are members of the Equity Fund.

I have some guesses of who might might be well heeled enough to risk money with the Fund.

Perhaps some of the longest and loudest of those who supported Bob's plans stand to lose lots and lots of money if they can't build 1,395 units.

That's a risk I am happy to not have taken.

If locals lose money trying to make money with Ponte Vista then the slow dripping sound you may hear in the background is my heart bleeding for them.

If you look closely enough at this comment you may just see the violin that is playing for them.

I am rubbing my two index fingers in a circular motion to indicate the teeny tiny record player offering a lament to them, too.

Anonymous said...

can people really invest in an equity fund?