Monday, June 01, 2009

Coming To Western Avenue, Resurfacing You Can Believe In

Yes folks, construction signs have popped up along both directions of Western Avenue.
It's a resurfacing job according to a wonderful source.
The job has nothing really to do directly with Ponte Vista at San Pedro and it is not the beginning of any demolition or construction work on that project's site.
You will probably see resurfacing equipment being stored during the day at the Ponte Vista site.
The Outreach Team and Mr. Fentin have made space available on the property for daily storage.
The resurfacing project will begin at Avenida Aprenda and go all the way to Carson Street. All work will be conducted at night and only one lane should be worked on at a time.
The work is scheduled to begin late this month or in July. I don't know how long the project will take to get completed.
I want to thank Dana from the Ponte Vista Outreach Team for helping me get the word out.
(I still think 1,395-units are too many, but that is on another post.)

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Anonymous said...

once they're done, send 'em down to gaffey street!!!!