Friday, June 26, 2009

Breaking Western Avenue Development News!

Breaking news just in from this morning concerning an important development along Western Avenue!

If you didn't notice by looking at the sign above, here is a hint.

This wonderful banner was placed on the morning of Friday June 26, 2009 on the Rancho Palos Verdes side of Western Avenue, at the corner of Trudie Drive.
Now to many of you this news is not only not earth shattering, but probably not that important whatsoever.
But for many of us, this banner is more than welcome and like the Mervin's commercial stated, "Open, open, open!" is not soon enough for some.
There are so many good reasons this banner is welcome. We all lost Ramona's Bakery far too soon and we really haven't had a good bakery up this far on The Hill for as long as I can remember.
The meat market on Western does sell some terrific breads from San Pedro bakeries, but having an entire bakery along Western is so much better than the ones at Albertson's and Ralph's.
The name of the future bakery is so connected to San Pedro and OUR community. The family has been in the area for generations and I think we are going to welcome a truly wonderful place to visit and buy goods that are tasty and delightful.
Never forget that on 8th Street we have Polly Ann's Bakery. That is a San Pedro institution and must remain one.
Buscemi's, Portofino, and the smaller bakeries on Meyler and that dot San Pedro also provide great breads, rolls, and eats that provide perfection to many meals. A1 Groceries, an authentic Italian store provides many of these products for sale as well.
But welcoming Amalfitano's Bakery to Western will be eagerly anticipated and long waited for.
Terri was almost gleeful when she saw the sign even after polishing off a pancake from Rex's this morning.
To have a full bakery just five houses away from us means that we really need to watch what and how we eat so we can enjoy what little we should consume from the new digs.
New reasonable development along Western Avenue is necessary and it is change we all can live with, I feel.
It also doesn't hurt that the new bakery will help revenue generation to our cash-strapped city of R.P.V. now that our city fathers have given away the bank to Terranea.
So welcome to Western Amalfitano Bakery. Please open quickly so we all can enjoy your faire while we continue to discuss and debate what may eventually be approved at Ponte Vista in San Pedro, just two or so miles away from your front door.
On a completely different manner, the smiling gentleman on the front page of the June 25 edition of The Palos Verdes Peninsula News is R Neighborhoods Are 1's own Mr. Bruce Horton!

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