Friday, June 12, 2009

Odds and Ends 121

I begin with an old photo.

This is a photo of the first 215 houses in a tract west of Western Avenue.

This is Western View Homes, now just part of the Mira Vista neighborhood.

The apartments at the bottom of the photo are part of the Channel Heights complex.

Yes, that is one car on Western Avenue passing through the intersection with Trudie Drive.

The house with the yellow outline around it is where I was brought when I was one-day old and it is where I am writing this blog from.

For all the folks who commented that I may have trouble with change, please understand that change in my neighborhood has occurred.

To get you better oriented, the small road intersection with the other small road behind the big building towards the bottom of the photo is just about where In And Out Burger now stands.

The photo was taken in May, 1950. and we still have some of the paperwork my dad signed to purchase the house back then.

An article written in the old News Pilot appears at 
and it tells of the 'new' housing development.

A ruling by the City Attorney of Rancho Palos Verdes finally put the nix on NIMBY neighbors of the Marymount Expansion Project as it relates to enlarging the off-campus housing on Palos Verdes Drive North.

The "Living Campus/Academic Campus" Alternative to the Marymount College Facilities Expansion Project cannot be voted on by the Planning Commission of the city of Rancho Palos Verdes.

That Alternative would have the college furnish MORE housing at the 'Palos Verdes North' off-campus housing site now occupied by about 300 students and staff.

The Alternative was greatly supported by members of Concerned Citizens' Coalition/Marymount Expansion (CCC/ME) who strongly objected to have on-campus housing built for 250-students and 5-staff members on the College's campus on Palos Verdes Drive East.

The ruling provide by the City Attorney stated that the Planning Commission cannot vote on matters outside its jurisdiction.

Since the Palos Verdes North facility is in the city of Los Angeles, the Rancho Palos Verdes Planning Commission cannot vote to approve or disapprove that Alternative.

This may or may not be a major factor when dealing with Ponte Vista but it should be stated that 40% of the ADDITIONAL traffic generated by any expansion of the College's facilities will pass along Western Avenue, according to the E.I.R.

Of course it is well expected that once the College finally builds out any approved expansions their administration will come back to the city of R.P.V. and demand on-campus housing.

So unless the folks at the College got ahead and try and expand the Palos Verdes North facility, there probably won't be any changes to that area for some time.

August 13 is just over two months away. That is the date there will probably be an update provided by the Ponte Vista development team and the Planning Department to the Los Angeles Planning Commission.

In the mean time, please watch for the Open Houses scheduled for July by the Outreach Team.

I don't feel it is worthless to provide your input. Sure, the Outreach Team may  be doing the Open Houses for more of a marketing ploy, but providing your insight, no matter what you think, can add to the discussions.

If you don't want 1,395-units on the 61.53 acre site, you may have two more chances to provide your reasoning and post you written comments that should make it to decision-makers.

For those of you who want whatever Ted, Tim, and the rest of the development team want, these will be opportunities to voice your opinions without using talking points developed by the Outreach Team.

Let's see some differing reasoning for wanting so many units at the site, Okay?

According to a post at, you are also most welcome to send an Email to Mr. Jim Oswald at:

He is the facilitator conducting the second round of interviews and I posted his Email address during the first set of interviews so everyone has the opportunity to share with Mr. Oswald their thoughts.

All is certainly not inactive with R Neighborhoods Are 1. Concerned members of the group continue to provide comments and discuss issues. They (we) are still here, working to find the best outcome of OUR community.

Be sure to watch for comments concerning this most recent batch of interviews and the upcoming Open Houses.

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