Friday, December 04, 2009

Odds and Ends 145

All quiet on the Ponte Vista front in terms of public relations, it seems.
The plans that we going to come out from the Outreach Team supposedly last July, didn't.
They didn't come out in early or middle fall either.
It is doubtful that we will see or hear from them this fall because there are very few days left in fall.
Perhaps in the spring there may be something. Holding one's breath for that is not recommended.
Are all of you needing to proceed north along Western Avenue past Capitol/Trudie having a wonderful time during the day? I think not.
I don't know how far north along Western the workers will travel. I think some happiness should abound since a former developer claimed that he would already be building the first phase of Ponte Vista by now.
The Western Avenue Task Force, in its 2005 report considered that when traffic counts were taken along Western Avenue between 25th Street and Palos Verdes Drive North, the results reported about 37,500 vehicle trips per day were occurring along that stretch.
The report also stated that for each of the ensuing 24 years with normal growth and no additional traffic considered for the site of Ponte Vista at San Pedro, the rate of increase was estimated to be 1.1% per year.
In less than two months 2010 will arrive.
As we end 2009, it is now estimated that 38,751 vehicle trips per day are traveled.
In 2011 the estimate will finally break the 40,000 vehicle trips per day along that stretch, all without any new residents or construction traffic associated with anything at the Ponte Vista site.
Workers are hanging the ceiling inside Amalfitano's Bakery as P'Skettie continues to remain closed.
It is strange to see the interior of the drive-thru pasta restaurant still intact.

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