Friday, December 11, 2009

Odds and Ends 146

This is the second to last Odds and Ends post of Fall. No news is still no news.
The folks who promised to vacate their temporary playing fields after their three-year lease is up are now asking for an extension on keeping their word.
I opined on a site that since it looks like nothing is going to happen at Ponte Vista at San Pedro for several years probably, perhaps that group could be afforded another set of temporary fields at Ponte Vista.
I could go some way to restoring what was lost by the Outreach Team during "The Bob Years" and it could be a way to demonstrate that the develpment team wants to demonstrate positive moves towards OUR community, even with that private baseball group.
Someone wrote on a facebook pag that there will be a DUI checkpoint along Western near the Redondela turnout.
The writer mentioned on facebook that it would be at "Western and Redondela". That is something a bit akin to the intersection of Western and Miraleste.

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