Friday, December 25, 2009

Odds and Ends 148

This is the last Odds and Ends of 2009. The next post of this time will mark the beginning of 2010 and an almost 5-year mark since the press release dealing with the transfer of the 61.53 acres of land to Bisno Development Co., LLC.
And the story continues.
Winter has begun and it may now be sometime into Spring before we read or hear anything new about the proposed development of condominiums at Ponte Vista at San Pedro.
As another year slips quietly away, it is another year that I thank everyone involved in working for the best solution to the development of Ponte Vista.
I still hold to the belief that the development should be equal to the dwelling density of The Gardens and that would allow for up to 831 units at Ponte Vista.


Anonymous said...

Question of the week: Villaraigosa gives himself an `A' for 2009. What grade would you give him, and why?

Daily News

M Richards said...

Thank you anonymous, for your comment.

I am pretty sure Tony would support far too many condos at Ponte Vista.

Thankfully for my wife and I, he is not our Mayor.

I support those who oppose Villar.