Friday, August 13, 2010

Odds and Ends 181

Monday, August 16!
Be there for the opening of Amalfitano Bakery or be on a United Airlines flight to Hawai'i.

While I will miss the opening I have been waiting months and months for, I wish all of you joyful tastes and wonderful fare as the last of the five new eateries opens along Western between Caddington and Summerland.

There is little doubt that I will venture down the hill the first available hour it is open after we return from the Big Island and the vacation we have put off for too long.
Recently, if you have been driving closer to downtown San Pedro, you would have noticed road work that normally is found always slowing traffic on Western Avenue.

It seems like when it is time to close a lane or two along Western, it is undertaken while schools are in session and traffic becomes more of the nightmare and daymare is usually is.

But the summer has been very mild north and south of 9th Street and I can live stopped in traffic along Western much easier when the air is cooler and tempers only flare because of the congestion and not the heat.
Might there be coming a period of less-than-moderate turmoil along Western Avenue?
Could it be that no storm drains will collapse and not major road work lies in store for Western Avenue in the coming months?

What will it be like to have sustained relative quite and moderation along Western?
Yes, there are empty storefronts and business is not what it should and could be.

There is a new Toys-R-Us store in the same location as Kay-Bee Toys once used batteries.
Calm has come to Denny's and there seems to still be no sushi at Asaka Grill Express.

Saladish and Pavich's still provide tasty and healthier food than some other restaurants provide.
There is still little more than nothing on the horizon concerning the Clearwater Project.

The silence at Ponte Vista is broken only by the sounds of happy goats and first responders undertaking worthwhile training as various times.

So, 'all calm on the Western Avenue front' may be something we can enjoy yet not take granted in.

Enjoy it while is lasts because the only constant along Western is change.

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