Friday, August 06, 2010

Odds and Ends 180

The post begins with a mailer I received today from Save Our City III.
The issues revolves around simply whether Marymount College will persuade voters in Rancho Palos Verdes that everything already granted to them via The Marymount College Facilities Expansion Project is good enough or must voters also agree that on-campus student housing, TAKEN OUT BY MARYMOUNT's representatives must now be granted.
The ballot measure also includes language that, if approved, strips many of the city's oversight and regulatory provisions demanded of everyone else and every other business.
Save Our City III is the third group with that name to come about and all three entities had to deal with over development in the area.
Save Our City I was the original group that was created to form the structure to allow Rancho Palos Verdes to become a city.
Los Angeles County was allowing massive developments in its unincorporated areas where particular cities had jurisdiction.
Without city status, residents had very little power to stop or slow down over development.
Almost 38 years ago, voters in areas, not including Eastview voted to become residents of Rancho Palos Verdes.
The Eastview area was annexed into R.P.V. by a vote of the people several decades ago.
Marymount's representatives could have, had they wished, requested that the Rancho Palos Verdes discuss, debate and vote on whether to approve on-campus housing at their Palos Verdes Drive East, no matter what the city's Planning Commission stated in its report.
Marymount Officials also decide NOT TO REQUEST consideration of dorms on campus, from the current City Council membership.
The reasons I oppose on campus housing at Marymount deal exclusively with safety and are far different than the reasons that SOC III is undertaking their opposition to the ballot measure.
But their stance is also a great one, in my opinion and I hope you will read the information, get the REAL FACTS about Marymount (EVERYTHING MARYMOUNT ASKED FOR FROM THE CITY COUNCIL, HAS ALREADY BEEN APPROVED BY THE R.P.V. CITY COUNCIL)
But now they want on-campus student housing at a site that has suffered declining enrollment for several years and is only beginning a four-year program to award no more than three different Bachelor's degrees.
Loyola Marymount College in the Westchester area of Los Angeles is also going through the processes of upgrading its campus and they have a multitude of degree programs that seem to fit many students' liking.
SOC III is lead by Ken Dyda, who is one of the founders of Rancho Palos Verdes and he is a former Mayor of that city who continues to work hard for the average resident.
In the future, expect to see a large list of individual and groups siding with SOC III and don't be surprised to see all but two living former Mayors endorsing SOC III.
There are just two former Mayors that I am aware of that support The Marymount Plan and one of them sits on the College's Board of Trustees, so you know why she supports Marymount's plans to put up to 250 17-25 year olds living in high density housing in a low density neighborhood.
But for our northwest San Pedro folks, Marymount has plans to do absolutely NOTHING with their Palos Verdes North off-campus facility as far as lowering the number of students who could live there or even considering closing it, altogether.
Naturally, I will send in a small check. I am still unemployed so I will also find time to make buttons.
I am not nor will I be a member of SOC III. While they have truly honorable, reasonable, realistic, responsible and respectful goals, I oppose dorms on campus and SOC III takes no official on whether there should be dorms at Marymount. Rather, they oppose the measure for a number of good reasons, but I wish they also opposed the dorms being constructed.
Tick. Tick. Tock. I want the health inspector to walk. Walk that is, into Amalfitano Bakery, inspect it, give it the go-ahead to open and then walk out to go someplace else.
Mr. Anthony Amalfitano was hopeful, last Tuesday that he can open "next week" and I am hopeful for that, too. I get one cannoli. That's it for about a week. My eating plan doesn't include much wheat, but there are exceptions that I must abide by.
I was quoted in the latest edition of The Palos Verdes Peninsula News regarding Rancho Palos Verdes becoming a Charter city.
Right now I haven't seen any interest outside those who are government or politically interested types that either support or oppose the issue.
I can't repeat enough that there is no way any current or future City Council member would ever consider doing anything like what the 'crooks' in Bell did. I know we have enough interested voters who will probably ask candidates for three seats on the Council opening up next year, about what they would do as Council members of a Charter City and after been to a fair share of candidate debates in R.P.V., I don't see any potential candidate even thinking about trying to catch residents off guard.
There hasn't been anything new on in several months and I don't think we will see much in the foreseeable future what with the economy still doing poorly.

It is still amazing to me that "360" on the Hawthorne/El Segundo border is continuing development after a long delay.
I don't know if the eventual management company will have a very large apartment complex or whether it will still be considered to have various types of leases, rentals, and for sale units.

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