Friday, August 20, 2010

Odds and Ends 182

Last Monday Amalfitano Bakery opened to what can only be described from my readings is an overwhelming success.

According to its Facebook page, the Bakery sold out of its baked goods for multiple days beginning with its openind day.

I haven't been able to enjoy a cannoli from the Bakery yet, but I suspect that I will rise very early Monday morning and stroll down to view and then purchase a cannoli to enjoy. I may also bring my camera to show the event.
The measure on the November 2 ballot concerning The Marymount Plan has been given its own identity.

Measure P on the ballot essentially asks RPV voters to approve on-campus student housing and a new law specifically created for and to be use only by Marymount College to overcome and moot some existing municiple codes as well as silencing many city controls placed on all other developments, but not Marymount's.

No matter what you hear, read, or view, every construction request made by Marymount's representatives to the Rancho Palos Verdes City Council has already been approved for construction.

The ONLY new construction the measure seeks to get approved that has NOT already been approved is student housing for up to 250 students on the main campus of Marymount College, located at about the highest elevation of Palos Verdes Drive East and above the switchbacks of that road.

I oppose on-campus student housing because I am not able to find any mitigation possible for the numerous safety concerns I have and when Marymount supporters state that having students live on campus means less traffic, that is not truthful, according to documents Marymount paid to have produced AND Marymount already uses trained shuttle bus drivers to safely transport students and have done so for years, without any reportable incidents or injuries.

Please vote NO on measure P on or before November 2, 2010 if you are a voter registered in Rancho Palos Verdes.
I haven't found a "Ponte Vista" on the Island of Hawai'i but that was expected. The Hawai'ian alphabet in English has no 'v' or 's' as I have seen so far. The bridges I have passed over are, for the most part, very small and there are not many reasons to think that Italians would have been interested in viewing these bridges in Hawai'i.
There are "Ponte Vista" signs and locations in Florida and other places.

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