Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm Still Looking

Now where did I leave my "Major Ranting Elitist" button I last wore during "The Bob Years"?

This post is my way of informing readers that the Steering Committee of R Neighborhoods Are 1 is back to the business of working to find ways to support the best Ponte Vista at San Pedro development for the entire community and not just developers of the 61.53 acre site.

Tonight many members of the Board will be at the Peck Park Community Center for the Scoping Meeting, and you should be there, too.

We all need the best and most complete information possible to determine whether the new plans for the site could benefit or impede our community's movement forward in peace and harmony.

While we appreciate the much lower number of units planned that what was attempted to be forced on us during "The Bob Years" the number is still too high and the types of housing are problematic and some are far too tough to swallow.

I wonder if Ms. Linda D'Ambrosi will attend and speak at the meeting. She was recently featured in a Daily Breeze article and she was the one who stated, matter of factly that; "Bob Bisno is going to save San Pedro"! It would be interesting to see if she speaks about the new plans or is too busy representing more Trump housing in the city where she actually lives, Rancho Palos Verdes.

I leave this post with the reminder that 831-total units at Ponte Vista would be equal to the dwelling density of The Gardens, so very close to Ponte Vista's Western Avenue address.

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