Friday, November 19, 2010

Odds and Ends 195

We are all down to the final ten days to submit comments to the Initial Study.

I have not done a very good job so far and reading my copy and creating lots of comments.

This is the final weekend for "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers" at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro.

On December 3 at Little Fish Theatre, also in San Pedro, a hilarious comedy that has elements of The Marx Brothers meet "Home Alone" bumbling robbers entering the world where there may be some "Importance of Being Earnest".

The two shows have eaten up quite a bit of my time in the recent weeks and several months and I hope you all take the opportunity to attend a performance of both shows.
Terri and I are very sad to see a vacant storefront where Z-Pizza used to be.

It sat between the Egg Roll King and Coldstone Creamery and we enjoyed the thin crust pizza and other food offerings.

I guess their pricing structure could not compete with the often discounted prices offered at Little Caesar's, Pizza Hut, and other similar businesses.

I am pleased that there are few empty businesses along Western and I hope the economies of both San Pedro and Rancho Palos Verdes improve in the coming months.
I have no new news to report concerning what might happen with motor vehicle traffic along Western Avenue associated with Marymount College and their off-campus housing facility along Palos Verdes Drive North, between Five Points and Western Avenue.

There is some speculation among some R.P.V. residents that a slate of candidates supporting on-campus housing at Marymount College will run in the 2011 election for three of the five seats on the Rancho Palos Verdes City Council that will have current members termed out.

I have been reassured that the Marymount College Traffic and Parking Section of the college's Expansion Project will be included in the new Traffic and Circulation Study Section of the Ponte Vista at San Pedro Environmental Impact Report.

With or without on-campus student housing at the college's Palos Verdes Drive East campus, daily trip generation will continue to increase between the 'Palos Verdes North' off-campus student housing site and the college campus.
If you drive south along Western Avenue, near First Street and there is water in the roadway, you usually have the chance to see an optical illusion.

Between First Street and the intersection of Weymouth Avenue, there is sometimes a gathering of water just next to the southbound fast lane and center median.

If you stop at the First Street intersection and look at the puddle, it appears to be on the incline portion of Western Avenue.

Since stopping or driving along through the First Street intersection means you are going downhill, your eyes tend to fool you into thinking that the water is not at the bottom of the decline/incline, but it really is.

There have been other optical illusions in the area, especially on that has been gone for some time on Miraleste Drive/9Th Street.


mellonhead said...

It's Dec 12th and I haven't heard a thing regarding Ponte Vista anywhere. There's no Ponte Vista web site information about the project that I can find. Out of sight, out of mind? Not at my house.

M Richards said...

Thanks, Mellonhead. You are right, I have been letting this blog slide lately.

Elisa Swanson has as the only one currently working and its last post was October 29.

We are in the doldrum period right now, the comments to the Initial Study had to be in late last month and now we are inside the period between the Initial Study and the publishing of the Environmental Impact Report.

I know that R Neighborhoods Are 1 is still organized and there have been a couple of meetings for this current set of plans.

I don't publish dates and times of Board meetings for that group, but rest assured that there are lots of eyes and ears watching and listening.

I know you are one to remain strong in your beliefs about what should and should not be built at Ponte Vista.

I think both you and I, no matter what side of the center we are on, don't like the current Ponte Vista plan and whatever the heck Obama and Congress are trying to pass off with the tax bill.