Sunday, January 07, 2007

From A "Supporter"

Here is the obverse and reverse of a card sent to a "supporter" of Ponte Vista. O.K., so the "supporter" is really my best friend and he sent in a card awhile back so he could get the stuff the Ponte Vista folks send out.

I am including this card for real supporters who didn't get it in the mail last week and want to take the opportunities that are highlighted on the card.

for those of us who question Mr. Bisno's plans to build 2,300 homes at Ponte Vista, I can only suggest that you rent the movie on your own and buy the goodies we can't afford to give you.

As for the dinner on January 18, I think you are on your own for that. However, we can offer you, for free, a nice little black "R-1" button. Please do not think it is edible, though.

I chose not to place the sign up card that came with this card on this post for fear that if someone would download it and send it in, it might be accepted as yet another supporter card.

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