Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oops, Zowie. Sheesh!

This posts deals with two Letters to the Editor in two different publications.

I feel in fairness, I need to point out to "Ruth" and others some truths she and others may not know.

Here is "Ruth's" letter from the January 25 edition of The Daily Breeze.

Ponte Vista project invites congestion

Homeowners in Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills Estates, Palos Verdes Estates, Harbor City and Lomita, beware of the Ponte Vista Development that is planned for Western Avenue.

Bob Bisno, the developer, has been wining and dining the community trying to convince them that 6,822 new residents, two new high schools with 5,000 students, plus employees and four-story businesses along Western Avenue will bring nothing but bliss for our neighborhood. I disagree.

There will be a tremendous increase in traffic congestion on all our streets, especially Western Avenue and Palos Verdes Drive North, on freeway on- and off-ramps, car, truck, emergency vehicle noise and pollution, crime increase plus damage to our infrastructure and harbor views.

The area is now zoned R-1 for single-family dwellings. That is how it should remain. If you agree, let Janice Hahn of the Los Angeles City Council hear you with letters, phone calls and e-mails.

In fairness to Mr. Bisno and his supporters, may I correct "Ruth" on some of her facts.

"Ruth" from Lomita, the projected population of Ponte Vista is going to be 4,313. Well, that is one number that has been used. Another number is "4600". Still a third number, this one from the Initial Study, is "7,343". In all fairness to everyone, nobody can actually pin down a real projected population of Ponte Vista, at this point.

Two new high schools will not have a total of "5000" students. SRHS #14, the high school proposed on between 15 and 18 acres of land currently owned by Mr. Bisno would only have 2,025 seats for students. Mary Star of the Sea High School will be in the range of 600 or so students.

Ponte Vista will not have "four-story businesses along Western Avenue". The original plans do call for four-story or higher residential buildings along Western Avenue, but Mr. Bisno has stated that he would build up to three-story buildings along Western Avenue.

All other remarks in the letter seem to be perfectly O.K. to me, but I am not a Ponte Vista supporter.

Now to the Zowie and Sheesh!

I though about printing Barry Hildebrand's Letter to the Editor from the latest issue of
San Pedro Magazine but I just don't have the stomach. I found one word particularly offensive and I don't condone that kind of name calling. Barry is a grand gentleman, though. He is always very helpful and extremely knowledgeable about many things involving the peninsula. He has volunteered on many committees and he has vast experience in community issues involving my city. Mr. Hildebrand is a credit to R.P.V., but I wish he hadn't used that word to describe some current employees of the Bisno Development Co. (that word rhymes with "doors")

I think the strength of Mr. Hildebrand's thoughts were marred by the use of a derogatory word. He made some excellent points that might be ignored by some because of some of his words he chose to use.

We have had enough name calling by Mr. Bisno and others who support Mr. Bisno's plans. Opponents shouldn't stoop to their level, I feel.


M Richards said...

O.K. gang, please don't use that word in the comments.

I'm waiting for the jokes about my not having the stomach to use such a word.

mellonhead said...

From my youth I remember the term "virgin ears".

Anonymous said...

a better description would have been "mercenary" because that's what they are. particularly a former employee of the councilwoman who jumped ship, sold out, whatever you want to call it, to make a few extra bucks while helping to ruin Western Avenue.

Thanks a lot ELise! We love ya!

M Richards said...

Thanks Anonymous 10:06 for your better word usage.

While I neither condone or condemn Ms. Swanson's employment history, I do support her wish to move from a lease situation in R.P.V. to a home which she believes she can afford at Ponte Vista.

See, there really are a number of R.P.V. residents who support the massive 2,300 unit project at Ponte Vista. So far, I know of at least two! (The other one is not me!)

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hildebrand infamously was the one on the PV school board to support closing two of the peninsula's high schools and merging them into peninsula high.

the move was spurred by financial decisions and was clearly a failed one given the recent reopening of Palos Verdes High.

While I agree with him regarding the Ponte Vista project, I would also not have used that word.

Anonymous said...

The nerve of Mr. H. to refer to them all as "bores"!