Friday, January 05, 2007


Here is a small section of a photograph taken by Mr. Joshua Stecker for his January 2007 edition of San Pedro Magazine.

If I had used the entire photo, you would have seen a smiling Bob Bisno, sitting in his Century City office, with this sign in a bookcase, above and behind his head.

Mr. Bisno has open on his desk, a Journal of Notarial Acts, whatever that is. He is smiling towards the camera Joshua was holding. I have blurred the photo of the three men next to the sign.

I like to laugh. I think I am funny and I find many things on this planet very amusing. If I were a multimillionaire like Mr. Bisno is, perhaps I would find a sign which encourages complainers to be blown up, funny. Maybe I really am a "ranting elitist" to feel that complaints shouldn't be met with destruction of the complainant.

Gee, I wonder if his "ranting elitist" sign is an illustration of an A-Bomb?


Anonymous said...

i can understand san pedro mag falling for this sh*t, but the local "independent" should be throwing punches left and right. it should be digging up all his shady lincoln place history.

but instead of doing that, it just accepts checks from him for its development guide. what happened to RL? instead of bending over for bisno development, it should be driving a dagger into its heart.

talk about sell-outs.

joan of park said...

the sp mag blurb doesn't treat Bisno in a positive light - just s figure who courted controversy. say what you like about the magazine, but they were right to cite Bisno as one of the year's most notable local faces.

ditto on the above diatribe against Random Lengths. Far as I can tell, RL is the only local pub that took ad dollars from Bisno. Not even the dreaded sp mag went there.

M Richards said...

Howdy Joan of Park,

I don't find San Pedro Magazine so dreadful. I think it may be on the chopping block now that ownership of the DB has changed and folks find More San Pedro better serves our community.

I am a progressive, so it would stand that I should find RL to be my paper of choice. But I hardly read it at all. Maybe I have heard too much about James Allen, or find it too difficult to understand the writing.

My mother was did some freelance work for RL so when her stories appeared, I would pick up the paper.

Probably I should contact Mr. Allen directly and ask him why he seems to have so little coverage about Ponte Vista in his paper.

Maybe I should seek to write a column in RL to try give a better prospective on all issues Ponte Vista in that paper.

How has RL managed to stay in print for as long as it has? One reason is having a publisher taking ad money from some undesireable sources. I can't figure out other reasons. Could it be aliens (the outer space kind) trying to influence our minds, but selecting a newspaper that doesn't get much readership?