Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Little Birdie Seems Confused

In the last "Odds and Ends" I wrote that a little birdie told me to watch for something coming from the Planning Department around the last week in September or the first week in October.

I think I should just refill our bird feeder rather than listen to that little birdie.

More 'non-news' that has been overheard is that there may be nothing coming from the Planning Department folks until the Planning Commission meets.

We can't say when the L.A. City Planning Commission will actually take up the matter, but it could be in the December time frame, perhaps.

Even before the full L.A. City Planning Commission takes up the matter, there is the possibility that the Harbor Area Planning Commission might attempt to meet concerning Ponte Vista.

There are many individuals who have opined that three of the five members of that body would probably have to recuse themselves from dealing with Ponte Vista because of probable conflicts of interest.

If there are only two members of the Harbor Area Commission that would be qualified to meet, then that would not be enough for a quorum, so no meeting could be held

So, no news becomes good news for those who oppose Bob's current plans, it is believed.

If the Planning Commission gets to the issue in December, it probably means that the L.A. City Council's Land Use and Planning Committee might not get to the issue until 2009.

We can wait.

Back in 'the day', many folks were told that work would be underway on building 2,300 condos at Ponte Vista in 2008. The 245 duplexes are still sitting on the land.

We have time.

If folks are thinking that Bob's funding is coming from a financial institution that is in trouble, that would be some inappropriate thinking, perhaps.

Perhaps Bob has time, too.

I may be retiring from AT&T tomorrow. I think I will have lots of time until I find other employment.

R Neighborhoods Are 1 has begun a funding drive. They need time to build the funds required to go to battle with a Developer and his Limited Liability Corporation, concerning Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

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