Friday, September 19, 2008

Odds and Ends 83

There have been rumors flying around about the Planning Department and whether they will publicize their take on what could successfully be built at Ponte Vista.

Since these rumors are just that, I don't think they are worth publishing any longer.

The rumor that there would be something coming from the Planning Department around the end of September or the first week in October is something I now regret publishing. I apologize for that.

Joe Caccavalla is a great gentleman.

We can't be farther apart on what we both believe should be built at Ponte Vista, but that doesn't detract from his true goodness and his love for OUR community.

Joe is the creator and organizer of the Tri Art Festival which held its second annual event this past weekend.

Joe wanted me to include some of his words about the Festival on my blogs and I am more than happy to provide space.

Here are some of his comments:

Well it happened for the 2nd time and all went very well.

The dancers at the Warner Grand (were so pleased,) they are signing up for next year. They loved the theater, the lighting designer, and tech person I hired to work the show.

As usual my hats off to Lee Sweet and his wonderful staff. They are what make the Warner Grand so great.

Thanks to the Legends Car Club and the Rascals Car Club who showed up for the car part of the festival.

Of course the artist that did attend and the judges of the juried show thought the selection that was shown was as good as any in the south bay area.

To these artists I say thank you!

The crowds may not have been there, but I was glad to hear the sales were (strong) and that is what is important.

We know that making something like this festival (continue) will take time, money, and self endurance.

It was suggested by my staff that we move it next year to port area, so that more people, who might not want to attend the Festival in the downtown area will come.

If that's what it takes to make the Tri Art Festival a success then I don't think it will every be.

I will not move it anywhere but where it is.

We will not close 7th street no matter how big the car show grows ( because there are those that only want it then) and don't want to be part of the growing process.

Well, we have set the date for next Tri Art Festival for September 12/13, 2009.

The hours next year will be from noon to 6 PM.

Next year, not only will the artists be on Mesa Street, the car show will be there, too.

There will also be a movie shown during the Festival, at the Warner Grand Theater.

Performances by dance groups will also be held at the Warner Grand.


I attended the Tri Art Festival this year on Saturday. I brought Terri along.

Terri found a necklace created by a San Pedro artists that she loved and we purchased it.

My hope is that the Tri Art Festival finds many more participants and attendees to enjoy the work of local and regional artists dealing in varied forms of art.

The Car Show is a prime example of a different kind of art that should be enjoyed, I feel.

Along with theater pieces, a movie, and 'art' from artists, viewing examples of cars that are really more like works of art rather than just a mode of transportation, is another way to appreciate art in all its forms.

The TWO Halloween stores just yards apart from each other are now open along Western Avenue.

Between Caddington and Toscanini, the "Trick or Treat" Halloween store is open.

on the lowest level of The Terraces, the "Spirit" Halloween store is open.

When you learn that the city of Rancho Palos Verdes is going to have its first new Apartments built in the last 22 years, I hope you understand that in San Pedro, the last R1-zoned houses were built in 1975, or about 33 years ago. Unless my year is wrong and it was actually in 1971.

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