Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ouch! Ow-ee! Heck! Drat! Bad News! "TS"!

Lately, things are not looking good at all for the folks at or supporting Ponte Vista at San Pedro, it seems.

The ILWU confirmed in a letter to Ms. Janice Hahn that the Union DOES NOT endorse the Ponte Vista proposed by Bob. They endorse only the concept of utilizing Union workers on whatever is built at the site.

The city of Rancho Palos Verdes has budgeted money for another review of traffic studies.

The Rudderless Steering Committee of R Neighborhoods Are 1 will be securing a rudder on itself and that group is becoming even stronger and more determined to stop Bob's current plans.

At least one representative of the Outreach Team have let slip out the minimum number of units Bob will accept. This leads to the following......

Perhaps all folks who have considered that Bob was actually going for a specific number of units below 2,300 or 1,950 ALL ALONG, may have been correct from the get-go.

What does that say about the honesty and forthrightness of Mr. Bisno?

Last month, the Central San Pedro Neighborhood amended then approved a resolution that appeared suspiciously crafted with the help of Ponte Vista personnel. Many individuals watching Ponte Vista Outreach Team's react to the vote by Central's Board, stated that those folks appeared disgruntled by the outcome.

And then there was the September 9 election of five members to the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council's Board.

All 308 votes cast were cast by certified stakeholders of Central and ZERO provisional ballots were cast.

A slate of candidates supported by R Neighborhoods Are 1 basically 'cleaned the clock' on the slate of write-in candidates that were put up at the very last minute by those supporting Ponte Vista at San Pedro and Bob's current plans.

The five winning candidates do not all oppose Bob's current plans, but they all will greatly improve everything at Central with the help of many of the remaining Board members in that organization.

Four of the five current officers of Central's Board were last minute (4:37 PM, Sept. 8, 2008) write-in attempt were soundly rebuked by the voters.

The current treasurer of Central, Mr. Aphram Khalbourji, received only 15 votes compared to the top vote getter, Mr. Phillip Trigas, who received 198 votes.

One current Officer, Honorary Mayor Joe Donato was not even entered as a write-in candidate.

The five winning candidates, supported by R Neighborhoods Are 1 are:
Phillip Trigas: 198 votes
Linda L. Alexander: 194 votes
Frank B. Anderson: 165 votes
Art Almeida: 163 votes
Raymond Lee Parker: 154

The current Officers of Central, running as write-in candidates were:

Joe Gatlin, President: 73 votes
Mayra Perez, Vice President: 62 votes
Pam Foster-Newsom: 62 votes

The slate of write-in candidates brought in at the 'last minute' included as its top vote getter:

James Brown: 80 votes

I hope nobody even thinks about attempting to suggest there are no Ponte Vista at San Pedro supporters who are also stakeholders within Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council.

Where were they on Tuesday?

Could it be that the voting suggests that the support for Ponte Vista at San Pedro and Bob's current plans continue to erode, even in Central's area where the project won't be built?

Now here is another issue that I was reminded of by a member of the Ponte Vista Outreach Team.

It appears that 'everyone is placing the blame on over development on The Hill firmly on the shoulders of Ponte Vista'.

That is not a quote, but it is similar to what I have heard more than a few times.

Some Ponte Vista supporters decry the fact that San Pedro residents and government representatives were not included in what I refer to as 'Ronald Frump's Irrational Ocean Fails Golf Course' and the Long Point/Terranea projects, by the city of Rancho Palos Verdes.

Please! Come on! Does anyone seriously wish to suggest that a city (Los Angeles) of over 3 Million residents, a 15-member City Council, and one of the largest municipalities in the U.S. can supply any influence on a city of about 44,000 residents and five volunteer City Council members?

Giveth to me a breaketh!

The issues surrounding both 'Frump' and Terranea have been settled for some time.

One of the members of the Ponte Vista Outreach Team was working for Councilwoman Janice Hahn when some, if not all, the decisions regarding the two projects were made.

Now folks are ?????????????? (no I am not going to use the word, whining) about the fact that Ponte Vista at San Pedro and Bob's current plans are facing so much opposition when other projects, less than 1/10 the size of Ponte Vista were not opposed of as vigorously in R.P.V.

Like the Republics demanded after the 2000 election, "get over it".

Ponte Vista is not in Rancho Palos Verdes and any front door of any house in San Pedro is at least a portion of a mile away from 'Frump' and miles away from Terranea.

I do admit and concur completely that 25th Street, Gaffey, Western, and other streets in the San Pedro area are going to be hit with more traffic because of 'Frump' and Terranea.

If San Pedrans and L.A. City government and bureaucracy weren't involved as much as they probably should have been, back in the day, it is not the fault of residents in eastern Rancho Palos Verdes and others in other communities.

The decision to build a golf course in Rancho Palos Verdes was made long before "The Donald" became involved. The original developers of Ocean Trails ("Ocean Fails") seem to have received the wrath of their opponents, already.

What is next for the Ponte Vista folks and supporters of Bob's currently published plans?

The L.A. City Planning Department will have a 'reveal' late this month or early next month.

Then, the L.A. City Planning Commission has their work cut out for them.

Following anything coming out of the Planning Commission, the Planning and Land Use Committee of the L.A. City Council gets their take on the issues.

Finally, if Bob is still around (there is no guarantee that he will be) the whole of the Los Angeles City Council will take up the matter and the MAY adopt ordinances that would allow for new construction on the 61.53 Ponte Vista at San Pedro site.

Oh, and another thing.

While all of this is going on, the La Brea Homeowners Coalition and 9 other groups have joined in a L.A. citywide lawsuit to place a moratorium on ALL new large development until the City of Los Angeles complies with existing laws and regulations about development and infrastructure.

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