Monday, December 01, 2008

Bob's House On Real Estalker

"Your Mama", the gifted and funny publisher of The Real Estalker has published a piece about Bob's house being for sale.

The post come complete with photos!

I'll let readers find the humor and 'pleasure' in reading the post and 63+ comments that have already been written.

Here is a link to even more photos.

After viewing the photos on the site, I have become basically write-less. Temporarily, mind you.


spsenior said...

What does this have to do with Ponte Vista? Who cares where Mr. Bisno lives?

I'm sure that he has been impacted by the downturn in the economy like the rest of us.

M Richards said...

Thank you spsenior, for your comment.

When Bob put himself into the position of telling all of us that he knows what is best for us, I feel it allowed us to look back at him and question many things.

We got a real view of how he uses profits from selling units that he could have priced lower to allow for more folks to buy, but perhaps he feels having a working fireplace right by his bathtub allows him to charge more for his units.

If a developer/speculator requires so much from a community, I think community members should have a chance to learn some of the reasons why units that developer/speculator might price units so highly.

The price structures originally created for the 2,300-unit plan used a per square foot price versus cost that was completely and entirely out of line with just about every other development that was on the market at that time, including units at Playa Vista.

It should matter to all of us the prices that would be charged for units because it affects prices for other units up for sale and includes other issues in the community, I believe.

On the other hand, you can't imagine how many comments I have received either by Email or personal contact that have been amazed by the photos of Bob's house and how some folks now feel about Bob, the developer/speculator.

If folks wish to support a developer/speculator who wishes to place prices for units so high that it allows that developer/speculator much more profit than many feel they should get, then that is an issue.

When one sees what many people believe is over-oppulence by a developer/speculator and realize that some of that over indulgence is allowed because of too high of prices of units, then that is also folks might be interested in.

It may make marketing a developer's/speculator's development much harder if folks learn that developer/speculator is living high off of their hog.

I should imagine that OUR community would want to have a beneficial development that sells out as quickly as possible and creates some kind of stability in the area.

I don't imagine you would want to pay for gold faucets for the seller of a property when you can only afford to spend enough for that seller to buy brass faucets.