Monday, December 29, 2008

Well, It Looks Like the Outreach Team Read This Blog

If you take a look at, it looks like somebody on the Outreach Team read this blog and created a response to my comments about how nothing looked it had changed over on North Western Avenue.

It will be interesting to find out who the Outreach Team believes are 'community leaders' and other members of the community they want to be included in the future plans for the site.

It is also important and remarkable to note that they are going to ask for a continuance on the planned February 12 Planning Commission meeting.

I do find it refreshing that we can finally read acknowledgement from the Outreach Team that thinks are going to be quite different from former plans for the site and may include some completely different types of housing and an unknown amount of retail.

I do hope the Outreach Team and everyone else understands that members of R Neighborhoods Are 1 will want to be involved in helping to plan what may be at Ponte Vista.

Personally I am pleased that the management of the Development and the members of the Outreach Team have decided to put onto the Internet facts many of us have known for some time.

It is more proof positive that the old plans are long buried and new ideas and plans will be coming forward.

It would be nice to learn in the very near future that the application that was provided to the Planning Department for 1,950 units will be canceled and everything should begin anew, fresh, and with openness not seen by the Ponte Vista at San Pedro team.

This is a good thing but we all must help OUR community to find a solution that is best for everyone and do harm to nobody.

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Anonymous said...

i still do not trust them. hopefully they will now be more realistic about their expectations.
the only reason anything is changing is because of the current state of the market, not altruism