Friday, December 26, 2008

Odds and Ends 97

Hey! Have any of you taken a drive along Western Avenue this week?

Hey! Have any of you needed to visit Albertson's and Ralph's on Western this week?

Hey! Did you notice that about 98% of the parking spaces were filled near those two markets practically all day from Saturday through Wednesday?

Hey! Did you remember that the permanent population of humans at Ponte Vista at San Pedro is zero?

Hey! Shouldn't what we have had to go through on Western Avenue more recently suggest that the population living at Ponte Vista in the future be kept to the lowest possible number?

The Chevron Station on the corner of Western Avenue and Crestwood Street has FINALLY reopened. There doesn't seem to be anything to feed humans at the new market yet, but gas tanks can now be fed using brand new pumps.

So now between P.V. Drive North and 25th Street, along Western Avenue, there are now THREE filling stations. Oh boy!

Wait a minute, wait a minute, did you remember that since there are currently no permanent human residents living at Ponte Vista, there are no vehicles owned by residents of the project parked there, so none of the vehicles that aren't there do not need gas.

Have you visited or recently?

Apparently the misinformation continues on both sites and it looks like nothing has changed in any way because of recent developments.

For the Outreach Team, it seems they are not concerned with people who really believe a ruse is being attempted, MAY have more grounds to believe that.

The folks who are into conspiracies must be having a field day because the two sites have not acknowledge any change to what the former developer wants to build at the site.

It does give some circles pause to consider that believing, trusting the Outreach Team with just about anything, and the overall honesty of whatever organization is running things, may need to be questioned more.

Would you buy a place from an organization that won't even acknowledge the change at the top of the development team?

Did you happen to notice the Real Estate pullout in last Sunday's The Daily Breeze?

The entire front page and most of page two were taken up with advertisement/articles on 55+ condominium projects in the Torrance and Rolling Hills Estates area.

One of the ad/articles stated that is least expensive unit was priced under $300,000.

As an aside, the 55+ project on the corner of Sepulveda and Cabrillo (Yes I have placed it on the corner of Arlington too many times on this blog) has filled 44 of its 46 units and only 2 are advertised as being available.

Some of those units that are filled are because of purchase or leases. I think the remaining two units may be in the under $300,000 price range.

There are other condo development projects that have failed in Torrance and there are still plenty of age-restricted and non-age restricted condominiums available in Torrance AND San Pedro.

If you want the feel of living along Western Avenue without buying a condo, you can live your fantasies by leasing a unit at Seaport Homes on Fitness Drive and perhaps lease a unit that overlooks the Ponte Vista at San Pedro site and points north.


You've got em, I want em.

Let us have some fun and informative discussion about your predictions for the Ponte Vista at San Pedro site in 2009 and beyond.

Please think about what might happen in the coming months and years and let us find out what folks really will come to pass with the project.

I have already published my prediction and it is probably a fairly weak and safe one that uses information that is in the public domain. It doesn't match what I want to see, but I didn't really stretch out with it for something more interesting.

You can be as simple with your prediction or you can provide as many details as you can think of.

Because of the nature of your predictions, we can also learn whether you are like a growing number of people who think something is really amiss with the latest news about the 'former' developer and what may actually be going on.

For the predictions, I will ease up on my notion of not spreading rumors, but just with your predictions.

I may have my good friend Nudge McGurk provide a prediction.

Hey! Have you had problems traveling along Western Avenue lately?

I want to wish my wonderful Greek Orthodox neighbors a Merry Christmas coming up.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, both on January 1, 2009 and in February.

If you need resolutions to follow that are very easy to keep all year long, please go to: and look for the post with resolutions I have been keeping for years and years.

I am so good at keeping my predictions that I haven't needed to find a hanger for any spring wardrobe made out of chicken wire.


Nudge McGurk said...

I see Bob going for 1,500 condos but he will claim that 1,500 condos won't allow him to provide any mitigation.

He still won't want a density bonus because he can't make the profit he wants to make by providing them and having them close to his high-priced units.

He and his Outreach Team have listed an Item from Tony Villar that states that they support homes for every income level, but will continue to oppose folks have a low-middle income or lower income to be able to have a home at Ponte Vista, unless they rent from a speculator.

Bob has probably been removed, in name only, but he still has his hand in any profit that may come.

We should learn more about Mr. Hoffman, the President of BDC, and how he is sorted out in the mess.

km said...

My prediction has not changed:Once they get whatever entitlements they are going to get, they build nothing and sell. No mitigation, no community enhancements, nada. Now that Credit Suisse is in charge they will be looking to get this dog off the books- they have no ego wrapped up in the fight. The market is too weak now; they delay until the selling market improves then they drop it like a hot rock, partitioning it among several developers if that maximizes their margin.