Friday, December 12, 2008

Bob's Ships Continue To Take On Too Much Water

Here is a post from our good friends at The Orange Juice Blog:
December 09, 2008

Bisno Tower update
Posted by: Art Pedroza : Category: Eminent Domain, Fresh Juice, SA City Council, Santa Ana

The Santa Ana Planning Commission met this week on Monday night. But once again they did not vote to approve the 31 story luxury condo tower proposed by developer Robert Bisno. This time his company requested that the vote be delayed. I am not sure why, but I am glad. I could not be there on Monday, but hope to be at the next meeting.

Bisno in recent weeks has pulled out of his eminent domain project in downtown Baldwin Park. He has put his $29 million dollar home in Beverly Hills on the market. Bisno’s San Pedro project is not looking good as the community, like their counterparts in Baldwin Park, is up in arms. And Bisno’s City Place project is a disaster, full of empty, overpriced condos that Bisno is auctioning off, and weird boutiques that have no future. The Mother’s Market at City Place is always empty.

In short, this has been a tough year for Team Bisno. Sure, they got their friends on the Santa Ana City Council re-elected. But that isn’t doing anything to help Bisno’s bottom line. I am told that the only reason he wants his Tower approved is so that he can sell his City Place property and the Tower lot and get the Hell out of Santa Ana. Good riddance!


There is a fascinating Topix thread at this link, wherein readers are debating whether or not Bisno owes $400,000 to either the City of Baldwin Park or to unnamed vendors. Enjoy!

I wasn't able to pull up the original article about a sum of money now in question.

Either Bob may owe the city of Baldwin Park $400,000.00 or he may owe vendors for the city or others some monies. The comments seem murky but I have not taken the time to look harder into the most current issues with Baldwin Park now that Bob has pulled out of the downtown redevelopment project.

I guess if we look around we may be able to scoop up some deck chairs, somewhere.

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