Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's Back. It's Different. Some Of It Is Still The Same

www.yourpontevista.com is back online and is different than it was in its previous form.

Ms. Elise Swanson, the leader of the Outreach Team informed me on Monday morning that the Outreach Team had problems over the holidays, with the blog.

There is much more information provided on the home page of the blog.

The post that FINALLY announced that things were different with plans for the Ponte Vista project was edited from its original posting on December 27, 2008 and now appears somewhat different today.

I wasn't the only one, it turns out, that had some regret we didn't save that older version of the post. I guess the other person I talked to about saving that post and I will just have to save the post and leave it at that.

I think the Outreach Team's claim that the Your Ponte Vista blog is the "official" blog of the project should mean it is the official blog in support of whatever the developers want for the sight.

This blog has never claimed to be the 'official' blog for any project and it certainly has contained many posts opposing just about everything that has gone on with plans to over develop the site.

I do wish to point out though, that our two blogs should not NOW be considered to be opposing each other.

As long as both of our blogs contain posts that propose working together with the entire community and using many avenues of discussion to provide the best outcome for members of OUR community, then I don't feel we need to have opposition.

I will, of course, read their blog and make comments to their posts. Some have already provided some real humor and I am looking forward into 2009 with hopes they will provide more humor for me and the rest of us and posts we can truly create discussions about.

Welcome back from holiday, Outreach Team.


spsenior said...

That's the spirit about working together. I think that in the new year, both sides of this issue can come up with a plan that everyone can live with.

M Richards said...

Thanks, spsenior!

Working together for the best results for everyone should work out much better than when it was a supporters versus opponents thing.

We all have a stake in what is finally built at Ponte Vista and working together, as opposed to what we have seen during the last 3+ years, should become a very positive and constructive time for OUR community.

I am still holding out for some number of senior units at the site and I hope that everyone working together will allow that to happen.