Friday, January 23, 2009

Odds and Ends 101

I've taken a slow pace when considering Ponte Vista this week and I may not have been the only one.

There was nothing new to be found at as of Thursday night. I hope the Outreach Team has been working on plans how to get more community involvement into the process of considering what could be successfully built on the site.

Maybe next week will find all of us learning more that can be published.

Here is a bit of a warning for folks who may read this blog and live in areas where things like this are occurring.

Apparently there are folks knocking on doors in the area claiming to represent the Peninsula High School football team's efforts at raising funds.

This is a scam and it has been reported and information has been passed around the areas further up on The Hill.

However, my doorbell was rung the other night by two individuals who claimed they represented Narbonne High School and it appears they were asking for funds, too.

I can't say whether they were legit or not, but since I am on a very fixed income that is not very big at all, I did not provide either of the two any money.

The Rancho Palos Verdes Planning Commission is continuing its public hearing regarding the Marymount College Expansion Project and I have mentioned that in earlier posts.

It also seems that opponents to that particular development project also have a great deal of difficulty with the Traffic and Circulation Section of the Project's EIRs.

Tuesday evening may get as interesting as some of the meetings many of us attended regarding the Ponte Vista project.

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