Friday, January 09, 2009

Odds and Ends 99

"Now cut that out, Mark!"

It appears that another person has issues with me using the '' blog as a source of good humor. I guess it is something I just can't seem to help but do.

Let me allow you a glimpse of some of the newest posting on that site and I will then answer the challenge places on some of us by the Outreach Team.

With the building of 'you know what', over 5,400 construction jobs will be created, generating $325million in salaries. 915 local permanent jobs will also be created along with $39.1 in salaries. O.K., gotta stop here.

Just how does anybody really know what will happen when the Outreach Team is still using numbers based on a plan that won't ever occur?

Where oh where do these numbers come from unless they came from information based on a 1,950-unit project that will not be found in northwest San Pedro.

Probably hope seems to be eternal or far to long for the folks for the members of the Outreach Team.

Whenever the Outreach Team publishes what they claim as being current facts and figures, they should put an asterisk next to each and every figure they publish.

The asterisk would denote that the figures purported to be factual are based on a project containing 1,950 condominium units which as WE all know, will never be found on the site.

How do WE know this? Because Janice Hahn, the Planning Department, others within city government AND the Ponte Vista Outreach Team have in as much, admitted it.

The WE stands for just about everyone INCLUDING Ms. Elise Swanson, the leader of the Outreach Team.

May I remind them that a continuance to the February 12 Planning Commission has been requested by higher ups in whatever new organization is now in place, IF there really is a new development organization in place.

Aside from providing much needed housing with modern amenities, Ponte Vista would provide a much needed booster shot to the Harbor Area’s economy. Salaries would be pumped back into the economy in tax revenue and increased sales for local businesses.

Actually Outreach Team, it can be factually demonstrated that revenue coming from residents of 'you know where' will not only NOT add sufficient new revenue streams into the San Pedro area of Los Angeles, they will actually create higher revenue streams in communities outside San Pedro and 'you know where' will cause the San Pedro area to request more infrastructure funding and be supported from other areas in Los Angeles, including the San Fernando Valley!

When the Outreach Team can provide all of us with the addresses of new vehicle dealerships, large furniture outlets, major Department Stores, multi-plex theaters, and any mall within the 90731 and 90731 zip codes, then I will gladly admit that revenue generated by the residents of 'you know where' will flow in great amounts into local businesses.

I don't know the percentages of residents of 'you know where' that will travel farther than our new Target, but nobody does because nobody actually knows how many residents of 'you know where' will eventually live inside that project.

While some opponents to the Ponte Vista project may dismiss the positive economic impact that the project offers, one is left wondering what kind of stimulus or economic alternative they have planned for San Pedro. The number of new homes built has long been an economic indicator, and Ponte Vista will add economic vitality, while providing housing for seniors, working families, improving traffic, and utilizing the latest green technologies.

Hey Elise and the rest of you on the Outreach Team, thanks for the challenge. I'll be glad to help all of you out.

First, San Pedrans and others will continue to work on ways of revitalizing downtown San Pedro. There are already published items that speak to improving the downtown area and Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council is working on the issues as I write.

Maybe the Outreach Team has not heard that the Port of Los Angeles' Administration is continuing to work, along with many community members on the Waterfront Development Project. I know it has been and will continue to be a very rocky issue, but I still hold out hope that the improvements will come along and we will all benefit if the final products come to pass.

I bet members of the Outreach Team might not know that San Pedro contains the largest fountain in the entire State of California. Not only does that spot attract visitors who sometime spend a few bucks in the area, it is also a gathering place for neighbors and an element that cruise ship passengers see as a stimulus to look further into downtown.

Recently the Los Angeles Unified School District's Board of Education approved the construction of a new campus in San Pedro. That approval means that jobs will be created, construction-related revenue will come into San Pedro, hopefully new teaching positions will come along, more transportation costs will be generated because so many of the new students will come from outside San Pedro and attend the new campus.

It is very true that I continue to oppose construction of SRHS 15 on the Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur, but that certainly does not mean I don't realize that there will be new revenue created and more money will eventually come to San Pedro because of the construction and use at the new campus' site.

If Elise and the gang want more avenues of stimulus, then perhaps the recent approval of a new set of berths for pleasure craft near the outer harbor is something that might interest them in.

With more boats in San Pedro, more boat owners paying berthing charges, purchasing goods and services in San Pedro, and more folks visiting San Pedro as part of more boats being berthed in San Pedro, it looks like there will be more money flowing into San Pedro than the Outreach Team currently believes.

"One" which I believe means the writers of that other blog feel "they" refers to me. I believe if "one" reads what I have written so far, "one" should find more facts that state that more stimulus will come into San Pedro, according to "they" than "one" is willing to accept.

Now I still support some housing specifically set aside for seniors at 'you know where' even I have to understand what the Planning Department stated matter of fact whether folks representing 'you know where' are willing to accept it or not!

Also, I guess that few members of the Outreach Team have not been by the corner of 20th and Walker recently. If the Outreach Team members believe new construction helps the local economy, here is a little item; New housing construction might help the local economy IF people actually purchase the new housing. If the new housing can't sell, you have a brand new blight to deal with.

Case in point, Outreach Team, just drive over to El Segundo Blvd., west of the 405 and take a gander at "360". it is an entire project site that has some new housing constructed there that not only did not sell, but it also didn't attract new residents using leases or rentals.

I don't know what is more sad, the older blight along Western Avenue or the very sad new blight along El Segundo Blvd. Both projects will not be completed using plans originated by the first development teams and nobody knows what will happen to both project sites.

So in summary concerning stimulus, new berths have been approved, a new high school campus has been approved, the Waterfront Development continues to chug along, POLAHS continues to grow, visitors come into the area to look at the new fountain, China Shipping will afford more work because of its expansion, community members continue to look for ways to improve downtown San Pedro, Target opened last October and ALL if it happened in San Pedro!

Think Prime opened in Rancho Palos Verdes, thank you very much.

Perhaps I am enjoying being challenged by the Outreach Team a bit too much.

How about a suggestion?

If the Outreach Team could co-sponsor a forum along with Councilwoman Hahn's office, perhaps we could all attend and speak at a gathering titled; O.K., now what?

It might be a good idea for members of the community gather and provide individual comments about what individuals would like to see built at the Ponte Vista site.

If the Outreach Team can be believed, it looks like they may actually want some community input, hopefully to assist them in further talks about what can be included at the site.

If community members attend the gathering and offer their personal opinions about what they think could be successfully placed on the 61.53 acre site, it may also provide Councilwoman Hahn and other civic leaders the opportunity to learn what members of the community think and want without filtering from organizations like R Neighborhoods Are 1, the Neighborhood Councils, the Chamber of Commerce, Ponte Vista Advisory Boards, or any other group.

Individuals could be listened to for their personal opinions. Gee, what a concept.

Of course we all would first have to trust the Outreach Team in their call for community involvement into areas that would lead to a new set of plans for Ponte Vista. I am willing to allow them that amount of trust.

My proposal could happen just about anytime and I bet if Councilwoman Hahn asks, a meeting place could be found where several dozen folks could gather and offer their opinions.

The gathering would be held for the individuals within the community. Both R Neighborhoods Are 1 and the Ponte Vista Advisory Boards would be asked to not do any organizing to support their members attending.

So, what do you think?

I really have to raise the issue of the Outreach Team contending that they know all the facts and they provide all the facts on their blog. I also have to contend that much of the information they have published, even on January 8, 2009 is erroneous, contentious, and factually incorrect.

I think I have some credibility when I contend that I provide a better source of facts, details, and opinions than the Outreach Team and their blog attempt to claim.

One thing you might want to do is look at the number of comments published on their blog since it began compared to the number of comments published on this blog since it began.

You may also wish to note some of the names that appear on both blogs. Guess what? I have comments from just about everyone that has posted comments on the blog, even though the Outreach Team has failed to post a number of comments submitted to them on their blog.

In truth and in fact, every single one of the comments posted to this blog appear on the Internet on this blog or another blog. the folks who produce cannot make that statement and be found to be factual.

If the Outreach Team wishes to continue dueling with me and this blog, I'll have to respond. But I do not want this to continue.

I feel it is reasonable to request that the Outreach Team forgo information that was created to support attempts to build 1,950-units at Ponte Vista and factually report that nobody know how many units might be built at the site and NOBODY can factually rely on the numbers presented by the Outreach Team on their site without the informed knowledge concerning what could be built at the site.

If the Outreach Team wishes to generate facts and figures based on the maximum number of units the Planning Department suggests be built at Ponte Vista, I certainly would not have any problem with any and all facts and figures based on a project containing no more than 1,196 non-age restricted condominiums, with a density bonus included.

The Outreach Team is also very welcome to create and distribute any and all information based on the Planning Department's guidelines for the maximum number of units that they suggest in a non-density bonus situation at Ponte Vista.

Either way, those new facts and figures, based on the guidelines published by the Planning Department would be more believable than the information the Outreach Team continues to supply based on a project that will NEVER HAPPEN in northwest San Pedro and THEY KNOW IT!

I somebody wants to come up with figures based on the Planning Department's guidelines and allows me to compare what they produce compared to what the Outreach Team is using based on 1,950-units, again something that will never happen, I would be happy to publish more relevant figures than what the Outreach Team continues to spew.

It is good to see both the newly remodeled Chevron Station and Think Prime opening up on Western Avenue.

My sources tell me that Think Prime has fabulous food, it is all a la carte, and fairly pricey. I also have been told that it is packed every night. Good luck and good fortune and a long stay is hoped for with Think Prime.

Again, I have to admit something. I am one of the believers in the curse that has surrounded the site where Think Prime is located, since the old Tasman Sea Restaurant closed for good.

I do wish them all the best, though.

I have begun yet another blog. provides me the opportunity to attempt to get more eastern Rancho Palos Verdes residents involved in the government and affairs of their city.

Both and can be thought of as complementary to each other and helpful to everyone in learning and commenting about our two communities forever close together both in heart and mind.

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